National Express coaches - NX444/445 Funfares from Cirencester

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 11:37am CST by 28cc509d

Company: National Express coaches

Location: National Express House, Birmingham Coach Station, Mill Lane, Digbeth


Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

Since 07 January 2013, National Express coaches have discontinued offering discounted fares known as Funfares on routes NX444 and NX445 between Cirencester and London. Similarly Funfares are not offered between Cricklade and London.

However, these fares are still offered for passengers boarding at earlier embarkation points such as Cheltenham.

Whilst this may be due to competition from Megabus, it means that passengers from Cirencester and Cricklade pay more to go a shorter distance. Furthermore, recent timetable changes now mean many services go via Heathrow which makes for a slower journey than in recent years. (We have gone back to the days of the 512 and the 412/413).

If Funfares are available from one point on a route then they should be available to all passengers regardless of point of origin.


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