Ryan Bothers Chimney Sweeping Inc. - Ryan Brothers Chimney Sweeping Provides Substandard, Unprofessional and Unethical Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 12:22pm CST by 04104327

Product: Ryan Bothers Chimney Sweeping Inc.

Company: Ryan Bothers Chimney Sweeping Inc.

Location: 5710 Auburn Blvd Suite 6 Sacramento, CA 95841 Tel: (916) 339-2220 Fax: (916) 339-2362 [email protected]

URL: www.ryan-brothers.com/

Category: Products, Services

This company is suppose to be providing service for fireplaces and chimneys. When this company was hired to inspect our fireplaces and chimneys, they failed to even properly check them and did not note the obvious repair issues. They are not as technically knowledgeable as they claim, but they are smooth talkers for sure.

Then they were retained to clean the chimney and they did a horrible job in cleaning it that it was so obvious that they did not even bothered making a sincere effort to clean it. A regular maid would have done a better job cleaning it.

Another one of their problem is that they claim to provide quick service but for days and weeks they do not schedule an appointment. They may claim they are so busy but actually they just go after who is giving them a job for more money rather than going by the first come first service rule.

This Clay Thompson guy that is their claimed only fireplace and chimney inspector is another joke of a technician. This guy was there to inspect the fireplace and did not even have the basic skills to check the obvious things or clean the fireplace properly.

Dealing with the company's staff was an ordeal reallly. This seem to be a family run business and everyone is like a shark there. They will talk out of any situation and will not provide you a sincere and valuable service for what you will pay them. They charge higher too compared to other local chimeny sweeping companies.

Do not be fooled by this company and its staff. You are better off hiring another fireplace and chimney repair and cleaning professional company. They do not stand behind their work either and make many excuses to get out of the responsibility of their mistakes and oversights.

Avoid this company at all costs.


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