ATT - ATT U-VERSE Provides Slow Service, Horrible Technical Support, Poor Horrible Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 10:28am CST by 04104327


Company: ATT

Location: Corporate Phone: 1-210-821-4105 AT&T's Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA: 208 South Akard Street Dallas, TX 75202


Category: Internet Services

For a long time, we had ATT DSL internet service. We were to have about 786KB speed, but were always getting about 124KB. That was never fixed by ATT and they said that they did not "guarantee" that it would be 786KB. They charged us full montly payment, but defrauded us by giving us slower internet speed. Their tech support was always useless.

Finally, we were considering dropping ATT internet service. An ATT sales guy on the phone convinced us that there was higher and more reliable ATT internet service available in our area known as ATT U-verse. He convinced us to sign up for it for a speed of 3GB for promotional monthly rate of $14.95. We were told that the U-verse was some fiber optic digital high speed internet service and it would include a new wifi digital 2WIRE brand fiber optic modem for $99 but that $99 will be given back to us in form of a rebate. The installation was claimed to be easy that we can do ourselves. He said that we will get the modem in mail and call in for phone tech support for any issues.

A modem came in mail after we ordered the service. The modem was not 2wire digital modem but a Motorola NVG310 wifi standard modem. Since we had not agreed for that, we contacted ATT and explained that we wanted the digital modem, but then were told that that was the best we could get as we really didn't have u-verse in our area. What? The guy who ordered service for us had told us otherwise. We went through all of it only to be fooled. This was their fraud on us. They said one thing and produced anther. Then they said that since we had ordered it we were stuck with it.

We didn't connect the new modem and wanted to cancel the upgrade and send the modem back. We were again convinced that we would be fine with the new modem and that was our best internet option. We decided to give it a try. When we connected the modem, it didn't connect to internet. After much troubleshooting with the ATT U-verse's useless tech support, someone sitting in Phillipines reading off a script, we still could not get the connection working.

We had to purchase protection plan from ATT so that we can get a technician to come and trouble shoot the problem. There were from 1-8 techinician that tried connecting our service and it was useless. One hand did not know what the other one was doing. All along all our neighbors had the ATT U-verse service and ATT first tried to tell us that we were having issues of connection because full U-verse was not really available in our area, when actually it was. One technician put some filter and anther one came and removed it and put the same new another one. Though we were never asked for it. Then they even billed us $55 for each filter on our bill when we had protection plan so we weren't not suppposed to have been charged for that anyways. We had to spend endless hours talking to the billing of ATT to get credit for those improper charges. First billing representative refused to credit us for it for no apparent reason. We had to escalate the matter to ATT account retention office to get the matter resolved.

Anyway, ATT U-Verse's techinician were always unprofessional and not courteous when they came over to trouble shoot the connection problem. They mostly didn't even call ahead and alarmed us by showing up and going to our phone panel on the side of our home. They left a mess behind also all the time.

We spoke to several supervisors and managers even and they did not follow through on getting the connection issue resolved. Some techinician said it was outside wiring from the street that was the problem and some ATT technician said it was some issue at their central office. None of that late proved to be true.

We finally realized ourselves that the ATT was so stupid and ineffective to have connected or turned on the ATT U-verse on the wrong phone line coming into our home, a second line, rather than the one's line where they were suppose to and that is why the modem was not getting a signal. All along they kept blaming it on one or the other thing unnecessarily. This goes to show you never to trust any ATT technician as they really are clueless for most part.

This goes to show you that those sitting on phone trying to provide tech support for ATT are also a bunch of morons. Just reading off some script does not make them professional techinicians.

For over a month and a half, we really suffered with having no internet access and finally it was us who told them what may be the issue and they realized it and even then it took them weeks to fix that issue to provide us internet connection on the correct phone line.

Another set of issues took place after we got the connection. It was too slow speed. When internet speed was tested, we were clocking at 1.5GB when 3GB was expected. The ATT's simple answer again was that they said that it could be up to 3Gb but did not "guarantee" it. Not only that, without our authority, ATT had gone so far as to switch our contract and changed our monthly service charges to over $40 a month by converting our speed to 1.5GB on their own. We had signed for promotional service at $14.95 for a year and never ordered them to switch it. Then it took many hours to contact ATT billing to get that issue resolved. They didn't even fully give us proper adjustment for increasing our monthly service rate. Too much time about 50 hours had to be spent with ATT on just one order of internet service.

Not only that, they pushed our contract 3 months for no reason. We called them about it and still till now they have never fixed that. We gave up on trying to deal with them. It was always a total waste of our time. Our service is still with ATT U-verse and is it so slow and breaks down often. We can't stream any HD movies using their so called useless high speed internet.

It is time we drop their service as soon as our contract ends or even before that. ATT is committing fraud on us customers. It's service is substandard now. It creates so many billing errors. How are they getting away with this? They have comitted every type of error with our one service contract. This is the type of problems we face with their wireless and landline service.



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