Goodyear / Treadquarters - Coupon

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 at 9:15am CST by Jeff S.

Company: Goodyear / Treadquarters

Location: 145 West Wesmark Blvd
SUMTER, SC, 29150, US


Category: Products, Services

I have spent thousands of dollars over the last few years at the store in Sumter, SC. I went in Saturday to have my tires rotated and balanced. I was quoted a price of $29.99. I stated that the website has a special for $19.99. The employee at the counter then, in a rather sarcastic tone, said, "do you have the coupon?? which he could clearly see I didn't. I said "no". He said, again very condescendingly, "Got to have the coupon". I started to leave then came back and said, "that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard of", and was about to explain how most store give you the discount even if you don't have the coupon, it's called good customer service. It?s called an effective advertisement. You got the result. Anybody can print it off the internet. They were not distributed exclusively and there was no limited number of coupons available, so why the need for the actual coupon, does it hold some mystical value? But I never had the opportunity to finish because he cut me off and with a more condescending attitude said, "what do you think the coupon is for?? The answer to his response is: The coupon is to promote business and bring in customers so that you can make a profit? I can only assume that he felt that the $19.99 offer wasn't profitable and therefore he didn't want to do it. I suggested he just offer to print off the coupon for me, but he stated that he did not have access to the internet or any coupons. Strange. I will go to Firestone and pay a little more, but I will get what I pay for there, GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! And no, I will never set foot in Treadquarters / Goodyear in Sumter, SC again. AND, I will make an effort to discourage anyone I know or come in contact with to NOT support the store.


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