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Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 at 4:42pm CST by TONYA B.

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Purchased tickets to an event in December. I was unable to attend due to work and requested a refund from Groupon. I was told that the 7 day purchase window had passed and there was no way they could refund my money. I had to purchase the tickets 3-4 weeks before the event was even available to attend! RIPOFF! I contacted customer support several times and tried to get my refund (over $100!!) but they refused. They told me I could hold on to the voucher and try to use it next year! Ridiculous and stupid.

Prior to this we also purchased event tickets to Repticon ($15) which was supposed to be a convention on reptiles, snakes and spiders. It was horrible, the only thing they had were a bunch of vendors selling reptiles and supplies. No shows, education, interaction, nothing else. Why would you pay for a salesman to sell you something?

At the same time, before I knew better, we also purchased the Santa Letters for my kids. The letters were horrible and didn't even arrive until after Christmas was over ($10).

This company is terrible and is simply a scam. Please don't get taken like I did!

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Lily P., 2013-01-16, 09:16AM CST

Hi Tonya, yes, that's how Groupon operates. Their policy is to deny every refund no matter what. Even if the deal is still ongoing they will not give you a refund with some ridiculous excuse. They have NO customer service concept!

I worked customer service before and always tried to help people and make them happy because keeping a current customer is cheaper than getting new ones, but these people don't care. Good luck, I hope you can use the coupon next year (or, as they told me, give it away "they make great presents!" NOT).

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