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Posted on Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at 6:01pm CST by Hamondb3 H.

Product: Publishing Advertising

Company: The Real Estate Book

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Category: Magazines, Newspapers

The Real Estate book boasts that there are no royalty fee's, There are no franchise fee's, There are no territory fee's. What they dont tell you is that you must pay them to print between 16 thousand and 24 thousand books per month. That is in the contract depending what location you are in. When the realty business is slow July August January February, You still have to pay them to print the magazines even.What they do tell you is that you could sell a page between 450.00, 475.00, even 500.00 a page. Those days are gone and are not coming back.The internet took care of that.At these rates with a 50 page book you could earn 6 figures easily. What they dont tell you is the print business is being replaced with Tablets, Kindle, and now Smart phones since the internet. Younger generation realtors are using all the social sites available to them at no cost. The older generation flip phone realtors that were buying pages prior to the internet are slowly retiring.They are old school there is no future for them with todays technology. What they wont tell you is the print media is declining. Does your son or daughter bring home a newspaper or even read one ? If they are under 30 they dont. Some dealers have actually walked away from there books others are just about surviving. If your book is less then 30 35 pages which most of them are, it will cost you money to print the book as per contract.

The sales people are really slick there. They will tell you it will only cost you 8K or so for your first book. Now go out and try to sell pages and take a look at the realtors faces when you try to tell them print is not dead. No its not dead, its in hospice. There are so many territorys for sale the only takers they have are people who dont due diligence. The Real Estate Book has resorted to operating the book themselves because they are not profitable. Asked them how many books they are operating from Georgia ? Then asked then why is there not a dealer running it. They will blame it on the previous dealer for not working hard enough or some other lame reason. I know I have had my book for two years now. Before you write a check to a slick area rep go out to 10 realtors and try to sell a page for 395. You will see how difficult it is. that is the mistake I made. The Real Estate Book has already claimed bankruptcy only to have the owners buy it at a fire sale. Speak to dealers who have 25 to 30 pages by the time you are done paying for distribution, production, and your graphic artist,your fuel to visit these realtors there is very little margin left. Yes you could do it all yourself but when you figure out all your time, you are at minimum wage at best. I am not bad mouthing the company. I am just making you aware of what they wont tell you. These are really slick sales people they will have an answer at the tip of there tongue when you test them. Keep in mind after the training course, you think realtors are going to break down your door to by pages. You will be in for a big disappointment.

Investing in this company is like investing in type writer ribbon. Invest in the future not the past.


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