crown kia in dublin ohio - Horribly Treated by Service Manager

Posted on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 11:10pm CST by Yeunhee K.

Product: Oil change service

Company: crown kia in dublin ohio

Location: 6350 Perimeter Loop Rd Dublin, OH 43017
DUBLIN, OH, 43017, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Recently, I had a very disturbing experience with the service manager, Richard Snyder in Crown Service Department. Here is my story of how badly I was treated by this man with verbal abuse, threatening, blaming, and accusation.

I made my appointment for oil change at 10am on Saturday. I arrived at Crown 15 minutes later in hurry. A man was standing outside at my arrival. Because I was late, I asked him whether I can check in, but he ignored my question and drove my car off to service entrance. At that time, I saw no other car inside the service building. Thus, I thought that he was going to do oil change within a normal time frame.

While I was sitting in waiting room, I realized that my waiting was unusually too long. I returned to the office several times, but I could not find anyone in the office. While waiting for almost TWO HOURS, no employee came to tell me what was going on. At around 11:45am, I returned again to the office, and finally found the man who checked me in, sitting in the office.

I asked him what was going on and why it took so long. He rudely blurted out "because you were late for 20 minutes.? (In fact, I was 15 minutes late, not 20 minutes). He said that he would check me out after he took care of another customer. I returned to waiting room and waited again. He did not come to waiting room to get me, and so I went back to the office. I said to him ?if I arrived too late, you should have let me know that I should rescheduled it at the beginning.

He suddenly stood up and screamed at me ?Don?t yell at me? ?You sit down.? I was totally shocked and dumbfounded. My voice usually has a volume, and, of course, I was not happy about the way I was treated. However, I did not mean to yell at him. In reaction to his angry verbal attack, I yelled back at him "how could you treat a customer like this?? ?HOW COULD YOU TAKE TWO HOURS FOR OIL CHANGE, WITHOUT ANYBODY TELLING ME WHY?? He kept blaming that the delay was caused by my late arrival, and screamed at me over and over again ?Don?t yell at me,? ?Sit down,? ?I am going to call police,? and so on.

In the midst of heated argument, I told that I wanted to talk with the manager, but he again shouted down on me ?I am the manager.? I asked again ?I want to talk with his boss,? but he said in yelling, ?My boss is not available now.? At the end, I said, ?I won?t come back again for another service.? He shouted, ?WE DON?T WANT YOU TO COME BACK.? He never said a word ?sorry.? He treated me as if I did something terribly wrong. He was so good at blaming and accusing the other party about something he entirely did wrong. He obviously tried to overpower me by yelling and threatening in attempt to escape from his own responsibility and wrong doing.

I left his office in so much anger that I said ?SOB.? Now looking back, he was not worthwhile for me to put such words in my mouth. I wish I just walked away from this SICK man.

In summary, I would like to point out the following:

1. Mr. Snyder said nothing about the problem due to my 15-minutes late arrival, when I asked whether I should reschedule it.

2. For almost two hours of waiting, nobody came in and explained to me why the service was being delayed.

3. Mr. Snyder entirely blamed on my late arrival. He never said a word ?sorry.?

4. Not only BLAMING, he also ACCUSED me of yelling, despite he started yelling first.

5. Is the manager supposed to be a model to other employees whom he supervises? I was more disturbed by the fact that Mr. Snyder is in charge of customer services.

6. I felt that I was mistreated more badly by Mr. Snyder, perhaps because I am an Asian woman. I wonder whether he could treat a customer of majority race in such horrible way.

Thanks for reading my letter.



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