Topps Tiles - 'Expert In-Store Advice' NOT

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 8:54am CST by Gary A.

Company: Topps Tiles

Location: UK

Category: Products, Services

I spent nearly ?600 on limestone mosaics, Hardiebacker bord, Adhesive and grout just befre Christmas. I told Topps staff that is was for awall around my bath/shower and the board wasto go onto a masonry wall. I was assured that the backer board, adhesive and grout was the right stuff touse with the imestone Mosaics.

Before intallling it I went to double check with te Hardiebacker Installion Guide only to find that the 12mm hardiebacker was the wrong stff- itshould have been 6mm. I got an xhange and some money off for the inconvenience and was assued that the adhesive andgrout were correct.

Before installation I went to check with BAL that the adhesivewas correct only to find that it wasnt- I should have been sold a fast settng adhesive which would reduce te risk of staining the limestone.they sold me BAL Mosaic-Fx- I should have been given BAL Natural Stone adhesive. I got an xhange and some money off for the inconvenience. I was also re-assured that the grout was correct.

Before installation wento to check that the grout was correct and even telpehone BAL technical. I was told that a fast setting grout of the same or similar colour to the moasic should be used as recommended by the British Stone Federation. I was given a white gritty grout called BAL MicroMax when should have been given BAL Microflex in Ivory.

Topps Tiles are now being uncooperative and slow in replying to my emails. I feel that I have been poorly advised from the beginning and that th staff atr Topps tiles are ambivalent and far from conscientious.

On theirwebsite they advertise there staff as 'Friendly, Knowledgable Staff' and the advice a 'Expert In-store Advice'.

As an Architct is I wereto make mistakes like tese in a specifiation which led to defects I would be responsible to pay damages which could be thousands. It angers methat most people would not bother to double check the products they are sold by supposed Experts which could in turn lead to fore-shortended product life-spans (much more difficult to ntice) and to inherent defects which would more-than- likely be passed off as an inevitably defect. DO NOT TRUST TOPPS TILES.


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