Bronx Automotive Repair - Rusted Rotors

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 at 4:09pm CST by Jonathan H.

Product: Acura CL 3.2

Company: Bronx Automotive Repair

Location: 1048 Franklin Avenue Bronx, New York 10456
BRONX, NY, 10456, US

URL: [email protected]

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I arrived in the Bronx on family business to bury my mother, whom passed away sadly on November. 30, 2012. While I reside in Charlotte North Carolina, I was forced to have the vehicle repaired while in the Bronx. Previous owner Felix, had been servicing my vehicles (for years), when I resided in the New York area. I trusted him and his staff and never had a problem. When I arrived at the location of 1048 Franklin Avenue, Felix no longer owned the business. It is now under new ownership. I told the new owner of my relationship with the previous owner, the reason why I was in the city (burial) and he said he would be happy to work on my vehicle. I asked for New Brakes and New Rotors. Additionally a mount was replaced on the vehicle also. The work cost close to $400.00 total. The vehicle was test drove by the mechanic before the work began, but not afterwards. During the course of my stay and family business, my mind was focused on the family business at hand. When I arrived home and after experiencing what I thought would subside (Shaking of the wheel, when braking). I inspected the vehicle with another party who (will not) work on my vehicle. It was noticed that the rotors were fully rusted (previous rotors) and never replaced. In the shop there was only (one) mechanic and over (6) vehicles total. Which left room for error. I contacted the owner in good faith and also sent pictures, as instructed by him. I asked about the warranty on the rotors and to see if the rusted ones could be replaced. ($76.00 each). At first I thought we had a good relationship when my money was being taken. But after the pictures were sent, by email and text. Then the tune of the owner and mechanic changed. He placed the mechanic on the phone (descendant of Togo), whom refused to let me get a word in edge wise. I asked to speak with the owner once again and the mechanic refused. I then called from another phone to reach the owner and he abruptly hung up. I text-ed him to let him understand, at this point I would seek legal action. The rotors have serial numbers on them and can be traced back to the store, in which they were purchased. Also they come with a warranty. The owner refused to take responsibility for the work of his shop and or mechanic and brushed me aside, due to the fact that I do not reside in that state. I would like this matter resolved amicably. Regards, Jonathan Holmes.


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