RentNow DFW - RentNowDFW, Liars and Rip off/ Scam -- Stay Away

Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 5:46pm CST by April L.

Product: Rental Locator

Company: RentNow DFW

Location: 1033 S. Bowen Road


Category: Real Estate

This company stated to me that they help clients find rental homes by entering ALL of their needs into a database such as: price range, neighborhood or town, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, washer dryer connections, garden tub, fireplace, ect. They claim that they enter this info into a data base of more than 300,00 rentals and then you are givien a list of properties that match your criteria. I signed up, paid the fee and was given a member log in to their website. Nothing that they told me was true. When I log in, I am only able to see this random list of two and three bedrooms that does not meet any criterias that I listed. I called to have it fixed thinking there was a problem at the initial set up and was told that there is no way to sort the properties, nor am I able to see pictures of the properties. I am completely confused as to how I am supposed to find a place to live if I can not for one see it or narrow down my search. You can do more on FREE sites such as or

I was told that I needed to check in everyday for new rentals and would have to wait 31 days for my money back. After doing some research via google, it has been made clear to me that I have been scammed and that this company has no plans on returning any funds to me or most importantly helping me to find a place to live.


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Business Reply  Rent N., 2013-02-13, 10:32AM CST

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention. Rent Now takes all customer feedback very seriously and we strive to ensure that all of our customers are happy with our service.

Rent Now is the Metroplex?s only full service rental company. We help people find homes for rent. We currently have over 2,100 places currently for rent available in our database. When people are looking for a home they tell us their desired criteria, including rent amount, area, number of bedrooms, and type of dwelling. We put all of their information into our state-of-the-art rental matching system and the system comes back with only the homes that fit the renter?s criteria based on those terms. At the time of registration those are the criteria that we go over with each and every customer, just as we did with J. Caldwell, who is the account holder in this instance. J. Caldwell's signature on our service agreement indicates that they read and understood our Service Agreement and Customer Commitment, which states:

I hereby agree to make a continuing bona-fide effort; (1) to make daily contact with units. (2) to conscientiously attempt to make contact with ALL prospective landlords whose phone numbers I may receive and (3) to use the service diligently for no less than the first (31) days before requesting a 100% refund of fees paid for services, and to make my request for a refund in writing directed to the general manager.

The account holder in this instance has not contacted Rent Now in order to resolve any account issues, and has not even logged in to their online account in order to check for new homes each day, as they agreed to do.

We stand behind our service and strive to help those who are genuinely searching for a home for rent and actively checking with us in order to do so with as little stress and worry as possible.

Dallas N., 2013-07-27, 03:45PM CDT

This business has numerous ads on Craigslist. The business is obviously bogus - no one ever answers the phone, no one ever returns your call. If you do get unlucky enough to get thru, what they try to sell you is some a lie - they will 'help' waste your money. Period. SCAM. Scam alert for 1033 S. Bowen, Arlington, TX 76013; phone number 817-460-8810

2fe424be, 2014-08-25, 02:20PM CDT

The same thing happened to me. Dishonest company!!!

0e630907, 2015-04-27, 11:11AM CDT

They called me out if nowhere said "HI THIS IS TIM I HEARD YOU WERE LOOKING TO RENT A HOUSE" after telling Tim several times I wasn't looking he then changed it to "IS JOHN THERE" ugh Tim must be desperately trying to get a paycheck. I said again "you've got the wrong number"...very annoying!!

068b3034, 2015-05-25, 12:30PM CDT

This shit is a pice of crap ..been callin and leaving messages and they dont call me back the list they gave me to look at is from 2012 I called every body on that list and there houses are already taken WOW ppl are so money hungry that its sad..some ppl dont got money to give out like that ..Stop LIYING and do what you say you going to do not rich to keep givin my money to mofo that dont hold up to there bargain. .I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOWWWW...

39a49e49, 2015-10-16, 08:44AM CDT

I am very disappointed in the service and am experiencing the same issues as listed above my husband is from Louisiana and we had a lengthy conversation on some of the same people and areas we knew, I am wondering if that is also a lie. Same houses no changes.

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