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Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 3:52pm CST by 5a0693c9

Product: Contractor Referral Service

Company: Angies List

Location: US


Category: Home, Garden

August 27 2012 I noticed a competitor using Fake Home Improvement numbers on Angies List. I got curious and checked the Maryland?s State business charter, to my surprise they were ?Not In Good Standing? and their business license was ?Forfeited? as well as not being a Home Improvement Contractor, required by Md. State Law for the work they perform.

I took screen shots of this information and sent them to Angies List Trade Licensing.

You would think that a company blatantly using ?Fraudulent? &?Deceitful? licensing information would be grounds for instant removal from their paid membership review site? well you?d be wrong!

Not only did they not remove this company for Blatantly Fraudulent & Deceitful practice, but they rewarded them with their ?Convenient? 2012 Super Service Award!

There by delivering more traffic to this companies ?Big Deal? which Angies List makes 25% off of the sale. Pretty Outrageous and not quite what paying members would expect?

Yes they did request the service provider to provide their licensing information, but gave them 4 MONTHS to do so, and all this company has to do is show is intent that they are working on it to get an extension!? and extension!? and extension!?Following is the email sent to me after I?ve hounded them for months over this.

From: Ben M. on behalf of TradeLicensing

Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 9:12 AM

To: Jason N.l Account Rep

Subject: RE: How long will American Tub & Tile have to keep advertising?

HI Jason,

American Tub & Tile has till 1/20/2013 provided we don?t give them an extension should they show an intent that they are working on it.

Sincerely, Ben M. Angie?s List Trade Licensing ([email protected]) 1(866) 915-5478

Meanwhile Paying Angies List Members are being EXPOSED to a completely unlicensed company operating illegally showing deceitful and fraudulent behavior.

As well you?d better hope an employee of theirs does not get hurt on your property, should they not have Workman?s Comp means, you the homeowner will be sued and responsible for any injuries.

Angies List advertises that no company can pay to be on Angies List for reviews you can trust. But what you don?t know is they collect paid membership from you and then have multiple streams to collect revenue from the contractors who are on the list.

Charge us 25% of the sale for any ?BIG DEAL? offers.

Charge us for top placement.

Charge us for placement in their monthly magazine.

Charge us for a Store Front on their Web Site.

Charge us for mailing campaigns.

Charge us to be found by keyword.

Believe me Angies List is working both sides of this street.

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Anonymous, 2013-01-09, 09:55PM CST

Not too surprised to read that complaint. Sites like Angie's List and Yelp are basically scams where a business can buy their positive reviews.

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