Staples - Poor Customer Service

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 10:23pm CST by Larry B.

Company: Staples

Location: 1781 US Hwy 287

Category: Stores, Shopping

I went in to the store to ask for assistance in exchanging a pencil sharpner I purchased with an extended warranty two weeks ago. This was the second time I returned a sharpner with a defect. I purchased their warranty both times. The first time I returned the sharpener two weeks ago, the store personnel made an exchange because I purchased a more expensive sharpener with an extended warranty. I explained what I did previously and they told me to call their extended service plan and talk to them. I did just that at the store. I spoke to them and they asked me all the questions and put my name in their system. I was told I would have to be referred to another department for the acutal warranty exchange. After being on the phone for over 15 minutes, with some of the Mansfield store staff snickering at me, I was connected to the proper department. Then, I got the recording they were closed and nothing could be done. At that point I summoned the Mansfield store manager. He told me in no uncertain terms he could and would not make an exchange as the store had done previously. He said the staff was wrong doing it. His cockiness, and lack of concern for my problem just angered me. He told me to not be loud and to be quiet. At that point, I complied and leaned over to him and said to his need to make this right and do something. Then, I took my receipt from his hand (fearing I would not get it back) with emphasis. At that point, he said leave my store. He and other assistant manager forced me out of the store. I did not touch anyone, nor use profanity at them. I did say on my way out they were jerks and hoped they would go bankrupt. As I left and was in the parking lot, both of them stood in the doorway and waved at me. I again told them they were jerks. I found out from another patron there she just had the same problem with the store and manager right before I had mine. She was treated with disrespect and had to go next door to Target to purchase her merchandise. I will never again purchase anything from this store, as I have been a good customer in the past.


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