& 24-Hour Flowers & Gifts - Bloomsnroses is a SCAM! They take your money and run! Charge you money you didn't agree too.

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 1:06pm CST by c645ffd9

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On January 4th at noontime I contacted as I wanted to send my mother a bouquet for her birthday. I looked online for various floral shops that appeared to have a good reputation (as I don't live in the area)and selected them. They had a Groupon deal which seemed like a good deal based on the flower arrangement I selected and I was promised free delivery if I ordered online vs. over the phone so I did. When I spoke to the woman on the phone she told me that the floral arrangement is even nicer than what I see on my screen. I was to get $65 worth of flowers for $29.95 as per the Groupon deal. I was then prompted to pay a $5.95 fee to have the flowers wrapped in tissue and cellophane, tied with ribbon and placed in a box with the green floral foam-hello isn't that the norm for most floral shops? Why am I paying for this? Then, a service fee of $6.95 was automatically added to my amount as well. Given the other options, I made the choice to still go ahead and order even though my total now hovered $50, still somewhat reasonable so I proceeded. Normally I pay for a flower arrangement + Shipping and not other fees.

What happened next made me furious! After having promising to deliver to my mother the same day for her birthday, they did not!! My mother told me that she never received any flowers, no phone calls, no notes and no messages in her mailbox, nor was she buzzed in through the intercom at her condo. I attempted to call but they were closed. Instead, I sent them an email in reply to my paid invoice email explaining the situation which I've still not received a reply to 3 days later! After speaking with my mom the next day (Saturday)Jan.5th at 3pm she told me that the flowers finally arrived but were in very poor condition and she was upset that the courier had lied. He had said someone had attempted deliver the day before and that nobody was home, which was not the case. My mom is older and does not go out very much.

When she opened the box she noted that there was a note that said to call first, nobody home. It also indicated buzzer number #355. Hers is #344 so they buzzed the wrong condo it appears. She said the flowers smelled nice and were a nice looking overall size of arrangement but that many of them were dying. The purple flowers were lying flat on top of the green ferns, one orchid was already dead, the daisies all had crimped petals and the pink carnations were all browning on the edges.

When my mom saw the number and name of floral shop on the box it read: 24-Hour Flowers and Gifts (416) 532-8640, she decided to call and speak to the floral shop herself as not to make me feel bad about my gift and an answering machine for Classic Collection Automotive was all that she could reach-all very odd and frustrating.

The same night, I happen to look at my online bank statement and see 2 pending amounts from the amount I agreed to for the flowers and then a second amount of $16.11 which I did NOT agree to. This is considered fraud to take money from someone that they have not agreed to or signed off on.

Today (Monday Jan.7th) I called and spoke to a nice woman who assured me that the owner would handle this within the hour and was sorry to hear my bad experience, she also confirmed with me that my mom would be at home today which I told her that she would. Hours passed and I never receive a call. I decided to call them back to see what was happening and the same rude man I spoke to on the date I wanted to order had answered. He tried to tell me that they attempted deliver and called and that nobody was home, basically stating that my mother and I are lying when in fact they are! That just added insult to injury not to mention the extra cost which I was told was a re-deliver fee. What?! I've never experienced a re-delivery fee with any other floral shop ever!! I did not agree to this nor was I contacted about it, even though my phone number was given at the time of the order.

The man proceeded to speak over me, instead of listen to me, his customer and then hung up on me. So, now I'm out $65 (ironically the regular cost of the flowers before the Groupon deal and now I'm wondering how many other people this has happened to) and my mom has a bouquet of dying flowers which arrived a day after her birthday as the result of

Nobody has resolved the issue, I will never use them again! They claim to pride themselves in many areas but so far I've experienced poor customer service, dying flowers and terrible product quality, fraudulent activity as they take more money from my account than agreed to.

Do not use this company unless you want a headache on your hands. It's worth it to pay a few dollars extra and use someone else! As you can see their deal became full price very quickly with their added service fees and other charges!

Next step: I'll be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, I do not want anyone else to spend their hard earned money at this floral shop! They claim they have a guarantee within 48 hours of delivery. Every time I called between 7pm on Friday night and Monday morning, the phone just rings and rings. Today was my first opportunity to speak with someone. I am yet to receive a reply to my first and second email complaints regarding both the poor flowers, delivery not on time and now the extra charge.

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Aman S., 2013-02-14, 10:48PM CST

So true, i completely agree as i am frustrated with this company and God knows if they even provide even service as no one answers the phone and emails....i recently placed an order for flowers and got trapped with the price they offered for the flowers, the amount i paid in total was around $60...i believe it would certainly have been better had i chosen another vendor though would have paid a few extra dollars...another weird thing i found about their website is that when you search its the first one that gets displayed...just an advise never just trust an unknown site, its better to do the research first than regretting it later...

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