Barnes and Noble - Book nor received

Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2013 at 2:55pm CST by Edson S.

Product: Book

Company: Barnes and Noble

Location: US

Category: Books

I placed an order (number 464734332) in October 25, 2012. One book (Winter of the World - The Century Trilogy #2) and I have not received it yet.

I complained several times throug the customer server of B&N and I received just 1 answer: "sorry - we are unable to track... please contact your post office or customs". That?s totally disrespectful! I belive B&N is not aware that S?o Paulo is a megacity like NT, London, etc.... They suppose I am goingo to spend an year running through all customs or post offices!?

Since I?m an academic professional, I bought dozen of books through amazon and even B&N and this never happened to me. I need at least my money back!!! (I also paid 6,35% of taxes in credit card here). And the most important: I am still without my book!!!!

All further complaints through the customer service were neglected. This is how B&N treats a customer with good track record (think that I had the B&N fidelity card... )NEVER MORE!!!!.


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