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Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 9:54am CST by sally t.

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Purhased groupon for a mani-pedi in October and provider won't give me an appointment for less than 3 weeks away. After several attempts to schedule no longer wish to utilize this groupon. Wrote to groupon many, many times and their responses basically said to contact merchant again for appointment or gift to someone else. Dont want to gift anyone else with this problem! Their last reply, dated December 17, 2012 follows. ( I HAVE HEARD NOTHING FROM THEM OR THE MERCHANT SINCE)

Hi Sally,

Thanks for your email and I apologize for any trouble. I'm sending this issue along to a customer support representative on our Resolutions team.

Thank you for your patience -- they will be in touch as soon as possible!



Groupon Customer Support

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f55fa4ff, 2016-01-24, 08:15AM CST support deliberately harassing me.

I redeemed a groupon for an online course and received confirmation from the merchant that it was being processed and they would contact me shortly about how to access the course. They never contacted me, despite repeated inquiries, so I emailed Groupon. They have been giving me the run-around with form letters requesting info that would not apply to an online course (shipping address used, what time of day I visited the business and whom I spoke to, things like that), over and over and over, each time with a different Indian name signing it. They are not reading, or pretending not to read, what I've sent them. If anyone else is experiencing this, please post.

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