westlake finanical services - repossedvechile pay to get back and stolen it after collect all money

Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2013 at 9:48am CST by mary t.

Company: westlake finanical services

Location: p o box 54807

URL: westlakefinancial.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

westlake should be suit and shut down.They are liars and scams and fuck with people not caring some people work and earn things and to try to drained us for everything we got and tell us at the end they sold the vechile.I got a loan with them in 2009 and put 5,000 down and pay 300 a month and was paying on time and a lil more here and there.I'm a young mother of two at that time working 4 jobs hardly ever seeen my babys.Keep my head up with happiest knowing i was being a good mother and independent woman.Almost two years later my clients i work for got really ill and pass away and so i was left with a job untill i get a new client so i ask for my chruch to help me and they did wrote me out a check for 600 and send it and never heard from westlake so figure they recive there payment untill 2 months later they send me a letter to repossed my car and call them and they said they never recivied my payment and they try to contact me but couldnt that bullshit.at that time they pick my vechile up from tow yard from wen it got stolten and cops recover it And westlake said they help me get it back.Within 2 weeks i send them 18000 money gram no incule the lost check but my church bank said they show they cash it and the day i was getting ready to make them last payment westlake lets me know they stolen the vechile a day before wen it show on my paperwork that my vechile was on hold untill this date and if full amount wasnt pay by that date they could sell it well they sold it before that date and still try to get money from me.I call laywer i got a lawsuit on these bitches they fuck with the wrong bitch this time.especially wen all i did was be honest and trust them for the money i work hard from to have transportation to work,kidsdoctor,kids school,and etc...PLus had to put a rebuild tranny in it and replace all head gasket in engine,and muchmore.fuck those people


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