Rite Aid Pharmacy #7053 - Refusal to fill time sensitive scripts for surgery because Pharmacist and Tech wanted to close early

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 2:15am CST by Tracy E.

Product: Prescriptions

Company: Rite Aid Pharmacy #7053

Location: 298 Hughes Road Madison, AL

Category: Health, Beauty

At 2045 I gave the Pharmacist my 4 prescriptions written by my oral surgeon, in preparation for a root canal and tooth extraction. The two most important meds are antibiotics as I have two severe infections. I am unable to have these procedures until the infections are cleared up, and am scheduled for both procedures on Tuesday, January 8th.

The pharmacist said they were done for the day, and I should return tomorrow. I explained the reason for the time constraints and why it, truly, was critical for me to start my meds tonight.

Now, REMEMBER.... this was a full 15 minutes before they were supossed to close.

She showed no compassion or concern. Only apathy. She couldn't even be bothered to offer a simple apology.

I am proud to say I was polite and treated her with respect throughout this entire encounter.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, and rest assured, I will share this encounter with everyone I know; including my oral surgeon, all the M.D.'s I work with, every patient I take care of and The Alabama Board of Pharmacy.

Tracy Amy Bell, R.N.


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