- Service provider paid twice; refuses refund

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 2:39pm CST by fac03f13

Product: Stripper/Model entertainment


Location: unknown


Category: Entertainment

On December 11, 2012, I retained you to provide a service for me, specifically a Sexy Santa entertainer for the evening of December 12, 2012. While we were on the phone during our initial conversation, you expressed concern about getting paid up front. While we were speaking, I went on Paypal and sent you a payment of $150 at 11:07 am. Although the funds transferred instantly to you, you told me that a Paypal payment was not acceptable; you needed to be paid in cash. You promised to refund the paypal payment. So, I drove to meet you at Panera Bread located at 13815 W. Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL at 2:00 pm December 11 at 2:00 pm, where I paid you $150 in cash.

You promised to send me an invoice, at my request, and to refund the Paypal payment. You have done neither.

To make matters worse, the individual you sent did not match your description of the person you were going to send - which is also the description I gave the client; the client complained that he was not particularly young, not particularly "sexy," and that he was balding. I was obliged to refund the client due to your poor performance of services.

You have ignored multiple correspondence from me, including text messages, phone messages, multiple requests for a refund through Paypal, and multiple invoices through Paypal for the amount you owe me of $150. As such, you have been paid twice for the same service, and you are well aware of this.


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85ba81e1, 2014-04-29, 10:19AM CDT

Hotpartystripper CEO. Your a DJ that called me to get a party covered. Im a graduated medical Doctor awaiting match for residency - you really want to discuss ethics with me. I explained to you I cant do paypal payments for this service. You chose to pay via paypal anyways. I then told you Im not spending my time to login to paypal and refund you, I told you to stop payment on your end on your paypal. As a medical doctor, I dont have the time most people have because patient neglect is a ethical concern I have to answer to. You on the other hand as an old washed up DJ desperate for work have all the time in the world to sit around being a non-productive citizen. So if you cant follow directions and pay attention to someone then thats your problem, not mine. Ronnie , is the guy that showed up to your party , he is a very handsome model in south beach miami , his hair style is different as he buzzed his hair recently to change up his look , he is not balding like you are and is in incredible shape unlike you. His hair style is in these days , you probably wouldnt know anything about stye. It is rather amusing how if he looked so bad then why did your party accept him , it is because you just want to whine and try to get some free service or money back. I see this in most services, I see this in the hotel industry as well - fraudulent credit card disputes etc and I also see it in medicine - hence medicaid abuse by pathetic people that have too much time on their hands e.g. you making this fraudulent complaint. Who actually has time to do this and is still successful with work and family. You met me at Panera Bread where I was studying for a board review , I told you pay cash which you did and then sent you the entertainer , I told you I dont send invoices for such simplistic parties like yours. You continued to call me asking for an invoice, I told you no again. You pleaded with me saying you needed the invoice to charge the party and wanted me to make a false number $500 because thats what you were charging them , I then told you get lost and create an invoice yourself. You exploited that party by the way, they could have ordered the party with me for $150 , but you charged them $500 e.g. but okay thats your business -- talk about ethics. Ronnie called the costumer with me three way, the costumer was extremely pleased with the entertainment. Ive been in this business for many years and am top ranked in the search engines for a reason. I danced for the largest franchise in the country. I know this business extremely well. You dont know this business at all but tried to make yourself some money meanwhile slandering my company on the internet. You pathetically wanted me to take my time and create you a bogus invoice, I dont have that time because Im actually trying to learn a tremendous amount of information so I can truly help people. Thats the truth to your pathetic nonsense you posted. Anyone can see my site and see how many male dancers that work for me and that are personal friends of mine. I also make invoices when needed. I take credit cards - not amateur paypal. I run a very ethical and legit company for years now. Anyways, this is my reply to your slander.

fac03f13, 2014-04-29, 11:47AM CDT

1. Huh? I don't have even the slightest inkling of where you're coming from with my asking you for a bogus invoice. Why would I want an invoice from YOU to present to MY CLIENT? You have to either a) not be being truthful, or b) have me confused with some other unfortunate client.

2. Where do you come up with me charging the client $500?? I actually charged the client the same fee you charged me - $150. (The difference being that I did not collect that $150 twice, as you did.) In fact, I had to REFUND the client that amount. I'm sorry that I can't find a way to post the original invoice here - I most certainly would, as it details on a line item the charge to the client of $150. You are most definitely either lying or confused. Either way, I have proof to show that what you are saying is not the truth.

3. Your reply says so much more about you than it does about me.

4. It's true that I really didn't know you when we met; but I had no idea who you really were until you explained it to me in your reply. THANK YOU for dying on the cross for me.

Better t., 2014-06-14, 10:30PM CDT

Well to the supposed CEO of Hotpartystripper. You seem to be the only doctor in america who is unable to receive residency in a nation that is short on doctors already. You also appear to need to remind people of your "adequacy" as a supposed Doctor so that you can justify a point without looking like a fool. If you are awaiting residency why is patient neglect a concern when you cant see patients yet? Your story seems very jaded, one sided, and fictitious with assumptions like "he is not balding like you are and is in incredible shape unlike you.... I also see it in medicine - hence medicaid abuse by pathetic people that have too much time on their hands e.g. you making this fraudulent complaint.". In the real world of doctors they have separate departments that address and review medicaid fraud and do not discuss the fraudulent accusations with physicians since they have the original charts to review and the Hippocratic Oath to uphold.(I am sure you know this though since you are a physician?). Also since you are "trying to learn a tremendous amount of information so I can truly help people." means you have not only lied about seeing patients, your placement in residency, reviewing of medicaid fraud, and work within the hotel industry but who knows what you are telling the truth about. I happened to stumble across your wall of text and had a laugh at your attempt of public shaming. In the future I hope you are better thought out in your lies so you don't look like a fool on the forums. I sincerely hope you are able to prove me wrong, but I am sure your just a troll who got a bad review and felt the need to feel better about your negative review by attempting to discredit and shame the other person. Next time you want to feel "smart" try not telling everyone you are a doctor.

1d78bdab, 2014-06-15, 10:26AM CDT

I spoke to Pam who RECOMMENDED Robin from the line up of girls from the website, for being gorgeous, humble, and best of all punctual. Fast forward to day of party, 12:10 and no robin, i get a call and lo and behold theres a stripper in my lobby named Luna, a fatter shorter chick, saying that the agency sent her. Called Pam asked what was going on with robin and said that robin was fucking double booked and that when strippers get double booked they send their friends to cover for them. Wtf? We decided on robin and thats what I paid for so I'll was willing to wait, then pam goes on to say that 'Robin' won't be done until 1 which I reply with,no problem, then she fucking changes it to 2, and then to she's not gonna make it. They were all in this fucking scam, Luna, Pam, and their fake fucking strippers. This 'Robin' im pretty sure never existed ass well. This experience was the most unprofessional and embarrassing shit to happen to me on my husbands birthday.

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