Ava's Flowers - Shady, lying, deceitful site

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 12:29pm CST by Alison Z.

Company: Ava's Flowers

Location: US

URL: avasflowers.com

Category: Stores, Shopping

Worst online/offline/phone experience ever. Their website is terrible and does not allow for easy tracking of orders, probably because they never actually deliver arrangements. If you don't want to read the whole saga, just read this: DO NOT BUY FROM AVA'S FLOWERS!!!!!

I ordered a large tree, that was by no means cheap, on 12/7, for delivery 2 weeks later on 12/21. This was intended as a Christmas surprise for my husband. By 5pm that day it had not arrived, so I called Ava's Flowers. After spending over 20 minutes on hold, they told me "no one was home to accept the delivery." WRONG. We live in a 24 hour Concierge building so someone is always available to accept deliveries.

The rep offered to call the local florist (they outsource) to have it redelivered but refused to tell me the local florist's name. Very shady. 2 hours later I finally received a delivery...of a plant. It looks NOTHING like what I ordered. When I called, they said they had a "substitution policy." After explaining many times that this was nothing like what was pictured, I was assured that the correct item could be delivered on 12/26 and would exactly match the site's photo.

Wouldn't you know that the item is not here and they are now saying it is "out of season." Oh, and they give you an order number, but can't look up your info using it so every time you email or call you have to start from the very beginning with a new rep. They told me I would receive the correct item or a store credit (no refund even though they screwed up) over a week ago but I still have not gotten either. Shady, shady business full of liars.


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