Clark County Public Guardian - Public Guardian Abuse, Negligence and Fraud

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 5:19pm CST by Gary Y.

Product: Public Guardian Agency - Clark County, Nevada

Company: Clark County Public Guardian

Location: Clark County Public Guardian 515 Shadow Lane Las Vegas, NV 89106
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89106, US


Category: Law, Civil Rights

Clark County Nevada Public Guardian, Kathleen A. Buchanan and her assistant, Rachael M. Burkhalter, with their attorney, Lee A. Drizin, do systematically attach then deplete the assets of elderly residents in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, Nevada.

First, the gullible, elderly person is intimidated into providing all bank and brokerage account information, real estate records, medical provider and care giver information.

Then, without evaluation, the elderly person is declared a ward of Clark County and all bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real estate holdings, including homes and automobiles are attached and frozen. The "ward" is unable to purchase even a carton of milk at the local supermarket or drive to the nearest coffee shop for a cup of coffee. They are confined to the house.

Then, whether they need it or not, a care-giver from an agency that Buchanan and Burkhalter prefer, replaces any care givers, including registered nurses, that have been assisting the "ward." What may have been 40 hours or less of assistance, per week, now becomes 24 hours per day for 168 hours per week at an hourly rate of as much as double what the "ward's" own care givers charged. This in itself is suspect of conflict of interest.

Then, family members and close friends are prohibited from staying with the "ward" and visitation is closely controlled and limited by Buchanan, Burkhalter and Drizin. This is a systematic effort to isolate the "ward" from contact with others and creates a sense of isolation, detachment and helplessness. This also serves to prevent family and friends from being able to observe continued neglect, abuse and manipulation by Buchanan, Burkhalter, Drizin and their hand-picked "care provider."

Then, after provisions in the "ward's" pantry and refrigerator become depleted, the "ward" must go begging for food. This serves to create a subservient relationship between the "ward," Kathleen Buchanan and Rachael Burkhalter. The "ward" now fears the repercussions that may result if they complain about their care and they are restricted from sharing concerns with family members and friends.

While all of this is occurring, the "ward" is restricted from running errands, going on outings, enjoying everyday activities that they formerly participated in. Healthy social interaction, shared friendships and nurturing from others, is severely restricted as the "ward" increasingly feels isolated, suspicious and insecure.

Finally, after sufficient conditioning, a pretense is devised to have the "ward" hospitalized and placed under 48-hour psychological observation, during which time they are heavily medicated which results in disorientation and lethargy. Only after this is the "ward" placed under court ordered psychological evaluation. After weeks of conditioning, the "ward" is certain to be declared incompetent and is placed under the total control of the Clark County Public Guardian who now controls all assets and expenditures of the "ward."

There is absolutely no justification for delaying a psychological evaluation for several weeks after Kathleen Buchanan has obtained all financial and medical records of the "ward." This delay is a strategic maneuver that ensures that the "ward" will be found incompetent.

Additionally, should a family member attempt to take legal action to protect a parent or sibling, Lee A. Drizin, in coordination with Kathleen A. Buchanan will delay certification of any attorney that is called on to represent the relative. This is a common maneuver in civil cases but Kathleen Buchanan and Lee Drizin take this to a higher level. Their hope is that the uninformed relative fails to file any protective motions before the statute of limitations date.

If you are in need of legal advice, information on Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS's), the Nevada State legal code, legal analysis of guardianship issues or an attorney with experience in these matters, please feel free to visit this website: You will find a great deal of information, including prior and current lawsuits, real estate filings and other evidence of negligence and abuse by Kathleen Buchanan, Rachael Burkhalter and Lee Drizin.

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leslie r., 2013-02-14, 10:46PM CST

I have a friend stuck in a situation in Las Vegas. Her sister is in the "care" of the public guardians office there. She is being held in an undisclosed location, and not allowed visitors. I can feel something happening with this case, say.....a federal lawsuit against the Clark County Public Guardians Office! Class action perhaps? [email protected]

Gary Y., 2013-02-15, 10:41AM CST

Federal Court would probably be the best option however, a motion would most likely be made by Clark County to remand it to District Court. In any event, there are multiple causes of action that the Guardianship staff are regularly guilty of including: NEGLIGENCE, CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE, THEFT, CONVERSION OF FUNDS, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, ASSAULT, ASSAULT and BATTERY, FRAUD, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD, BREACH OF GOOD FAITH AND FAIR DEALING. Note also that, the person or organization that initially contacted the Public Guardian to initiate the Guardianship, the care providers and attorneys hired by Clark County, the Metro Police Department and others should also be named in the suit. KEEP DETAILED NOTES OF ALL COMMUNICATIONS AND EVENTS INCLUDING DATES, TIMES, FULL NAMES, DESCRIPTIONS, ETC. - THIS WILL BE NEEDED BY YOUR ATTORNEY.

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