Franks Gateway Electronics LLC - Pro-Logic IR extender

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 6:08pm CST by Frank D.

Product: RF-Link model AVS-5811

Company: Franks Gateway Electronics LLC

Location: 24 Hardscrabble Hill Rd.

Category: Consumer Electronics

The above unit is a IR extender which means a cable box can be controled from another room. I purchase two of these units for a restaurant where all the electronics is hidden away in another room. Neither one of these units will work reliably. I made several calls to tech support and there is no one to talk with except an answering machine and I left my phone number and businnes name. I also sent them emails which they have not responded to. It has been one week since I first contaced them and with no response it was time to take action. My advice is not to purchase any electronic item where you cannot get tech support and determine where the problem is.


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