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Location: 1601 SCOTT RD
BURBANK, CA, 91504, US

URL: taikovillagehomes.com

Category: Building, Construction

I am currently a resident here at Taiko village and we have had nothing but problems with this so called luxury building. To begin with we were lied to in order to get us to sign the lease, they never disclosed the many defects of the apartments till after we signed the lease. ALL the units have the same defect causing water damage and BLACK MOLD. The water in the apartment ran for months before management sent in a maintenance worker to repair it. Needless to say I have water damage in my apartment. Second they falsely advertise, they promised a pool and a recreation area, first there is no pool and spa like advertised or promised. The gated parking and has limited access and has been broken and left open to the general public to freely room for over 6 months. They have finally fixed the gate yesterday after a armed robbery of one of the tenants in the back of the supposedly secured premise. The gate is still not 100% completed. The outdoor fireplace has been red tagged by officials and they still are not telling new residents about the apartment defects, Black Mold when they move in and sign the new leases. The management staff is unprofessional and immature, we were told on many occasions by management we are the guinea pigs since no one has lived here before. We have been living here 5 months and the community has had in that time a motorcycle stolen from the garage, cars broken into, 2 domestic disturbances, 2 robberies and residents blatantly doing drugs in common areas. I came home one day and the Burbank police were standing in front with shields and guns aimed at the building looking for a tenant. The riot squad was in front in full riot gear. One of the robberies that happen was when the resident was out of town. He lives in the front of the complex and came home to his apartment and the front window broken into. The other just happened yesterday and it was a morning home invasion. The residents were WOKEN by gun point AND THEN tied up. THEY WOKE UP TO A GUN POINTED IN THERE FACES AND TOLD NOT TO MOVE OR THE ROBBER WAS GOING TO BLOW THEIR HEADS OFF! This community is worst then the SLUMS, ownership is charging for luxury high end apartments but management and ownership treats us like slum lords. I have many problems in my unit and there are no maintenance people ever on the property to make the repairs.


All this can be yours too for $2600 a month. Many tenants are leaving and breaking leases due to lack of total concern. However, the agreement to break your lease you have to sign an agreement not to disclose the problems to others. This is blatant fraud and the owners Raintree and Pinnacle management family needs to be punished for it.


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