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Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 9:59pm CST by dissatisfied C.

Product: unsatisfied customer 1

Company: USPS 78252

Location: SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78252, US

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UNREAL!!! I recently moved into the area and my mailbox keys didnt work at all. So I went to the post office by my house, but was told to go to the other post office off of Richland Hills. What a nighmare! I called literally 100 times before I went there to see what I needed to bring in order to get a new set of keys (it took them forever to answer the phone). I was told to bring a lease with my name and the residency, a bill that displyed my name and a photo ID. When I got there, there were two LOOOOONG lines.I waited in one line for a few minutes, but wanted to ensure I was in the correct line; I was not. So....I moved to the other line. I timed it...I waited in line for 46 minutes, just for the 'Rude Guy' at the window to rudely say to me..."We need the other keys!" I was livid, devastated and sick all at once when I informed him that I called about an hour in a half sooner and the person that answered my phone told me the things to bring in; I had those things on me....but he was too busy being rude to me...he didn't care. Now,..I understand a rule is a rule. If they required the malfunctioned keys,...that's cool, but how come no one told me this before I came there? ANDDDDDDDD What really took the cake is how mean they were to everyone....while taking FOREVER to help folks. Those lines were way too long and was moving much to slow. Besides, if a business is going to have handicapped parking spots....what good is it...if when you get into the building you're going to be standing for an hour or so? There were no chairs/waiting area...NOTHING! Speaking of parking spots...there werent enough for the folks that were there. In addition to waiting in the two lines...i waited around for a parking and about 60 other folks were circling around waiting for any parking spot to become availble. Worst post office experience of my like. Now im sitting in bed with a super sore back due to all the standing and stress....if i had the energy...i would probably sue! Meantime, I am trying to figure out when i'm going to have another 10 hours available so that I can go to the post office for mailbox KEYSSSSSSSS. I want to Switch post offices really badly!


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2e63018d, 2013-04-13, 12:17AM CDT

Why was my overnight package which I paid $19.95 not delivered the following day? Is the post office now turning into what the internet has become luring the people in for a price then we find out there are added fees to retrive our package.You wonder why people bitch and moan every time you guys ask for a raise. The answer being is your not doing your job. Your owned by the private sector now, Your asses are no longer with the federal government. Show a little pride in your work and make your agency the kind of agency it once was. And your really pushing the issues with the Captcha.Its no wonder people walk all over this nation.

3b8cf757, 2013-06-28, 06:01AM CDT

I mailed a package Saturday June 22. Have tried to track it with the tracking number and only see that it left Toledo late June 22. No other information is posted when I try the tracking site. Please find my package!!! I insured it and registered it.

Track # RE053160857US

1d451c64, 2014-11-05, 12:25PM CST

I completely agree with the complaints against the Post Office at 702 Richmond Hills Dr. in San Antonio TX. I've been calling them for two days straight. You either get a busy signal or it just rings until it disconnects. Filing a complaint against them hasn't done much good either (complaint CA120132560). Pathetic; that one word says it all.

85e824f3, 2015-03-12, 10:33AM CDT

I mailed my bill statement with my payment on 2 March 2015 they did not received it until 12 March 2015. It got there one day late of due date. I am getting tired of being charged a LATE FEE when IT WAS NOT MY FAULT. This has happened twice. Also prior to this 2 bill statements were lost. Never delivered. When I inquired about this I was asked "DID I SEND IT REGISTERED?" Why pay to have bill statements delivered isn't that why we pay for stamps? No wonder the postal service is going broke LOUSY SERVICE.

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