TGIF - Fridays - tip billed twice

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 7:48am CST by Ricardo I.

Product: food

Company: TGIF - Fridays

Location: 761 7TH AVE.- NEW YORK CITY, NY


Category: Food

The bill ammount was US$ 51.48, the same value debited in my Debit Card, and I left as a tip US$ 5.00 in cash. After that I noticed in my account statement, that the cashier had reversed that entry and debited

the value US$ 56.48 - so, someone took the US 5.00 in cash and I was debited in my Debit Card the total ammount of US$ 51.48 plus US$ 5.00; my complaint it?s not for the US$ 5.00, but I think it is foul play from the Friday?s - nobody like this kind of behavior - I would like an response for this occurence.

28/12/2012 COMPRA ESTORNADA 0000139906 4894 **** 0586 51,48 D


28/12/2012 ESTORNO DE COMPRA 0000139906 4894 **** 0586 51,48 C


28/12/2012 COMPRA 0000139906 4894 **** 0586 56,48 D


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212149f5, 2013-02-18, 09:45PM CST

Cheap skate $5.00 on a $51. check.

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