Costco Pharmacy - Costco Pharmacy at Fenton Parkway San Diego Slow, Disorganized, Rude

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 12:12am CST by Alyse R S.

Company: Costco Pharmacy

Location: Costco Corporate Office PO Box 34331 Seattle, WA 98124
SEATTLE, WA, 98124, US


Category: Health, Beauty

My vet faxed an important medication request for my sick cat (IBD or cancer, we don't know yet) into the Fenton Parkway Pharmacy in San Diego on the morning of Dec. 31, 2012. It was medication to prevent my cat's nausea, which was preventing her from eating. I knew the pharmacy would be closed the next day, which is when the med would run out. I waited on line for at least a half hour, only to then be told that there is no RX waiting for me. I then had to ask if it's in some pile waiting to be filled, and the clerk looked somewhere for a minute or so and then replied that "it's not in the system." When I pressed the guy for further inquiry and also was calling my vet to confirm the submittal, he asked me to step aside rather than his looking further or calling himself. I waited over a half hour and he couldn't spend 3 minutes on the phone or on his computer? I saw other people ahead of me who took longer than my further inquiry would have taken! My vet told me that the submitted fax was "confirmed" by their fax machine, and therefore I believe the clerk should have been able to find the request, even if it is in a pile for processing. At the very least, he should have offered to write down my phone # or e-mail and let me know if it was ready later that day. Any info I got from him I had to pry out of him, and there was definitely no offer to investigate further or contact me. When I discovered today that Costco offers medication services without requiring a membership, plus carries animal medications, I thought I had made a new friend in my effort to get my cat well. Instead I left your building and your company in tears.


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