Puroclean - HORRIBLE COMPANY PuroClean

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 1:12pm CST by heather f.

Product: Water Smoke Damage

Company: Puroclean

Location: CAMAS, WA, US

URL: www.purocleandr.com

Category: Building, Construction

My experience with Puroclean of Portland/Vancouver was a NIGHTMARE!!! I had smoke damage due to a kitchen fire. Neal Hayden, the owner of this local franchise,Puroclean, is the most unprofessional man I have ever met. He was only interested in making money and when he brought his unlicensed, unbonded, uninsured son (Brad Hayden) into my home to do repairs, his son severely damaged my home. Neal took no responsibility for the damage, instead told me he had no idea his son, who was his employee, was not licensed!! Neal told me to sue his son to recover the damage. Neal DID know that his son had only worked one other job before mine, however he did not mention this to me! His son had NO experience with the repairs required in my home. I had to hire another contractor who had to rip out my custom made wood cabinets because Brad Hayden, an employee of Puroclean, painted over them with 3 layers of the wrong paint! I was out of my kitchen for 2 months. Then, when I used my insurance money to pay the new contractor instead of Puroclean, Neal Hayden took me to court and sued me for the money I paid the other contractor!!! Stay AWAY from this man and his unethical company!!


Kathy H., 2015-04-25, 09:27AM CDT

Puroclean owned by Neal Hayden came into my home after a kitchen fire. I am left with very little recourse other than a lawsuit. He has stolen many personal irreplaceable items worth thousands of dollars, repeatedly pushed me to use an unlicensed, illegal general contractor (Chris Swift of Swift Construction services using CCB 191553 STERLING TECHNOLOGIES LLC, (January 9/2015 e-mail "You may want to speak to Chris Swift ? at Swift Construction. He has lots of experience with insurance and how to negotiate with them.), did not clean but did break my personal items, did not clean the home to the level needed to do repairs, I have been turned down by 6 contractors until the home is properly cleaned of fire damage, personally decided with Ken Gotchal of Travelers(January 9, 2015 e-mail "I just spoke to Ken at Travelers. He had asked me to handle all the repairs.") that it would be cheaper to tear out over 50% of the interior instead of cleaning by Hayden dba Puroclean, and then used this comment "I am sorry about all the issues you are experiencing". I have hired a personal adjuster referred by an attorney. The list is growing as to damages by Hayden dba Puroclean. Feel free to contact me about your nightmare experience with Neal Hayden dba Puroclean.

Lily28 L., 2015-07-16, 09:42PM CDT

When called in to remediate a flood from a ruptured sewer line, PuroClean "sanitized" the drywall and spent a week coming to my house to move eqpt around and check to see if walls were dry - at tremendous cost, I might add.It took a week for that drywall to dry.

Today, another contractor came out to check my walls by inserting a tiny camera - of course, they are showing mold growth. He said the drywall never should've been left in place after being flooded with sewer water - that sanitizing sewage-soaked drywall was not standard protocol for treating a sewer flood. It would have been less expensive to tear it out from the start than to have PuroClean "sanitize" it and make an elaborate show of drying it (at great expense) only to have it removed two mos.


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