Protege, LLC - Swagbucks Scam

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 6:45pm CDT by fa45b50c

Product: Swagbucks

Company: Protege, LLC

Location: NEW PARIS, PA, 15554, US


Category: Internet Services

I logged onto Swagbucks today to find that my account had been deactivated. Obviously, I am quite confused by this allegation against me as I do not know what an iFrame is nor do I use an auto-refresher. I have been watching SBTV more often to gain more points for my daughters birthday present.

I emailed support and received several rude emails from Allison, Manager of User Compliance. I asked her to provide me with proof and was refused. I requested a phone from her to speak to someone in charge and was not provided with one. We exchanged several emails in which I requested that proof that I did something be provided to me. I have yet to see such proof.

Allison insisted that there was no one else I could speak with. I sent a Facebook message to each of the Protege, LLC's Chief Officers with no resolution as well.

This company assumed that I was doing something wrong because I was cashing out a lot of Swagbucks. I had over 1000 Swagbucks when they deactivated my account without reason.

I stated to Allison that I use Chrome and Opera for viewing SBTV.


Paul C., 2013-05-18, 05:13AM CDT

I had the same problem and was deactivated by Allison I had close to 3000 points left , i don't use sbtv , did not get a reason or authentic reply from Allison. I had ordered and was waiting for 60 dollars worth of gift cards when Allison decided to deactivate my account. It seems right about the same time frame but on May of 2013

04061d7f, 2013-08-30, 04:35PM CDT

Seems like everyone is having the same issues with swagbucks. I just cashed out for a $5.00 amazon gift card then a few days later I received the following message and I believe an investigation into this website is warranted and most likely should be shut-down:

After careful manual review of your account by our Compliance Team, your account was deactivated for attempting to exploit the services provided by

Our compliance systems have detected this account to be abusing our Search service.

We do not allow unauthorized third party software or browser add-ons not associated with to continuously search by automation.

To prevent exploitation of our search engine we recommend members use it like they would normally search on other search engines.

Any account found violating our Terms of Service automatically forfeits any Swag Bucks and prizes remaining in their account.

To continue to provide great services and prizes to all our members, Swagbucks does not tolerate illegitimate searching methods. Also, will not tolerate any user disseminating methods to try to cheat our site or community.

To find more detail on issues like this, please read the following blog posting:

You can review our FAQs to see more such policies:

We apologize for any misunderstanding.



Manager Of User Compliance

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