John Darer 4Structures LLC - John Darer 4 Structures LLC Ruined Me With His Bad Financial Plan For Me

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 7:05pm CDT by d4eaf113

Product: Financial Services

Company: John Darer 4Structures LLC

Location: 43 Harbor Drive, Unit 309


Category: Business, Finances

John Darer was the structured settlement "professional" who took dealt with structuring the court payments that I received due to a car accident into a structured settlement stream for me. I want to warn others that dealing with this man was the worst experience of my life.

I am not satisfied at all with the services that he provided to me. He did not explain what I was getting into and he never listened to the personal needs that I expressed to him.

I am now left with a structured settlement that does not take care of me and I am dealing with a really pleasant structured settlement company out of Houston TX in an effort to sell my payments and get the money I desperately need to live.

The nice representative that is helping me sell my payments was horrified at what Mr. Darer structured for me. He recommended suing Mr. Darer. The representative even put his boss on the phone and his boss (who is an attorney) confirmed that Mr. Darer's actions were unconscionable and that John Darer is well known among the structured settlement broker community as a loose cannon that cannot be trusted. They are even considering posting a nationwide press release warning others about what he did to me.

Once I get my money I will consider taking legal action against this terrible man.

No matter what you do stay away from this individual. He will just take advantage of you.


John D., 2012-05-09, 10:31AM CDT, LLC wants to do the best for the parties who ask us to help them and use our services. Our business is interactive. We ask questions, listen to the responses and then formulate solutions based on the depth and breadth of experience. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We want our customers to be happy.

Since February 2012 our company and our President John Darer (who also plays the role of structured settlement industry watchdog), has been the subject of a massive defamation campaign that defies civility and decency.

As we close in on one of John Darer's defamers the perpetrator is getting very desperate. Last night the defamer submitted complaints on both Pissed and Rip Off Report. Today the defamer submitted the same report on The joke is on the submitter of the fake complaints, and the operators of the websites Ripoff and, because both posts were precisely the same word for word, were both submitted within minutes of each other on May 8, 2012, from "people" of different sexes, separated by 3,000 miles. (2,000 or so of which is ocean ).

It is worth noting that Pissed Consumer profits off the fake complaint and has no fewer than 7 in-line advertising key word links in the fake complaint about our company.

The People's Credit Bureau states here "Do NOT be deceived by anything you read about any company listed on Odds are good that it was written by's founder ... Ed Magedson..., and is, in all probability, an attempt to extort money from companies he has targeted". Also useful reading " The Anatomy of a Rip Off Report Lawsuit, by Sarah Bird

The story told is similar to a fake complaint that appeared on a website anonymously registered on February 8, 2012 in Nassau, Bahamas and April 10, 2012 switched to a Panama registration, a country that does not subscribe to the Hague Service Convention and hosts in Malaysia. The places to go if you have something serious to hide.

The nature of our work is such that, LLC has open communication with its clients. Our real customers freely communicate with us. Had a real customer of ours expressed concerns those concerns would be dealt with promptly., LLC is has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2004 and holds its highest rated of A+., LLC has had no complaints registered with the BBB since its establishment.

Neither, LLC nor its President John D. Darer, have received notice of any consumer complaints from any state insurance commissioner since they have been active.

Two statements I am proud of

"Thank you for being a strong advocate for integrity in our business" by an industry colleague and competitor from Florida

"You are a man of character and integrity, and I greatly appreciate your work". by an ELNY annuitant May 8, 2012.

4structures is a Registered Trade Mark of, LLC Reg.2720815

735674a0, 2012-06-23, 06:57PM CDT

The Darer guy sounds like a creep. My two cents.

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