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Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 at 2:02pm CDT by 593c4db0

Product: Utility Billing

Company: Conservice Campus Solutions

Location: Conservice P.O. Box 4718
Logan, UT, 84353, US


Category: Other

Conservice is a business that bundles utility bills and tacks on their own 'convenience' fees (a scam if I've ever heard of one), typically for apartment complexes such as off-campus housing near universities.

I recently received a bill for my utilities with itemized values. That day I go online to pay the bill, however the amount due shown on their webpage is much, much higher than the amount shown on the bill, with no explanation. Elsewhere on the site you can view the itemized bill, which still shows the correct amount due. After contacting the company about this mismatch, they only replied that the lower value is the correct amount. Going back online, the higher value is still shown as the amount due when I try to pay. They have yet to reply to my many emails concerning this problem. I have seen elsewhere on the internet that this is their modus operandi, and will charge their late fees if I don't pay 'on time' for an ambiguous bill that I have outstanding questions concerning. This is only the latest issue in a long line of problems concerning their billing practices that I have experienced. However, I can not seem to get the management at my apartment complex to abandon this 'service'.

Conservice also offers an automated monthly payment, and if I had signed up for that 'service', then they would have automatically deducted the much higher and incorrect amount. I can only imagine that this company is ripping off hundreds, if not thousands, of students with their fraudulent billing.

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bcb8d9f3, 2012-05-24, 10:08PM CDT

Where are you located? Your city or state may provide protection against these kinds of practices.

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