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A week before Christmas my daughter and I decided to get my husband a computer chair. We looked around at a few places but didn't like the quality. We decided to try Walmart and found one that was a good price and good quality.

However, the box was very heavy and we weren't able to lift it ourselves. We also had an inquiry about how the box was damaged and if any of the parts inside we also damaged because of the rough treatment.

We look around for a Walmart sales person and when we found one, we were told that it was not their department but they would call for someone. They did call for a furniture sales rep and we waited.

And waited.

We must have wait ten minutes and no one showed up, but we figured maybe they were busy so we waited a little long. Still no one showed up. Again, we asked a Walmart employee for help and they once again called for a sales associate. We wait and still, no one showed up.

It was now approaching half an hour that we had been waiting for someone to come and assist us and were starting to get fed up. There was a couple beside us who had also been waiting for service and hadn't received any.

At the half an hour mark we went to the customer service desk and asked to speak with the manager. She said he was in a meeting but they would send someone down. Ten minutes later no one showed up and so we asked again. Finally, a manager showed up and we explained that we had been waiting over half an hour to get some service. He explained that the employee had taken her break without finding someone to cover her department and they called her to the customer service desk.

It should never have taken this long to receive any type of service. We shouldn't have had to ask so many times to have someone come and assist us. Neither the employee nor the manager seemed that apologetic and they didn't offer us any sort of discount for our troubles.

We never asked for one because it wasn't about getting money out of this, but I think when you've done something wrong within your store you should make the situation better somehow.

I'm sure not every Walmart store is like the one we experienced, but I think Walmart needs to reconsider how their business is run and how they train their employees.


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