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Posted on Saturday, May 5th, 2012 at 7:43am CDT by ca1971eb

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Company: Alex Patton / Lincoln County NC Commissioner

Location: 115 West Main St
Lincolnton, NC, 28092, US


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Alex Patton claims he is a christian and "TRIES'' to do the christian, Notice his own word tries.

Lincoln County NC Citizens deserve better come 05/08/2012. Alex Patton agree's with Lincoln County Tax Department and says he does not believe they did anything wrong, But the State say's that what they did was illegal. So Alex Patton ''TRIES'' to do the Christian thing but '' FAILS ''.

Some Politicians go in ''STRAIGHT '' but come out ''Crooked ''. It's time we vote in more Commissioner's like Carrol Mitchem.

Alex Patton ''FAILED '' the Women employee's when he worked at Bi-Lo, Maybe thats why he now works for Harris Teeter. I have heard ''Complaints from former employee's of Bi-Lo about Alex Patton apparently he ''FAILED '' to do the Christian thing for them, Mostly Women, He favored promoting Men over Women.

He wasted Lincoln County Tax Payer Money when in dispute with former Sheriff Tim Daugherty and acted childish and played games by refusing to approve new hires and pay them because Tim Daugherty made him mad.

Alex Patton Chairman of the Lincoln County NC DSS Board is a joke, His own Son David Patton once posted on his wall page of Facebook putting down people on FoodStamps and making fun of them saying things like people who apply for Foodstamps should have to submit to a drug test. He has since took this down, But it seems like Father like Son. His Father taught him well I see.

With this Economy more and more people who have never ever applied for FoodStamps are now applying since Board of Commissioners like Alex Patton who has a Job has not tried hard enough to bring jobs to Lincolnton so people don't have to apply for FoodStamps.

Maybe he could work something out with his Son's employer Jack Rouch Racing to hire people on FoodStamps than we could live happily ever after.

If Alex Patton would focus more on what the Citizens want and need and spend less on fighting and playing childish games & use Tax Payer money more wisely than maybe he could say I think I did the christian thing for once, Instead of trying.

Focus on the Citizens needs and wants, Not your wants. Business for the Citizens not for Alex Patton.

And stop using the Church, Military like I served 15 years for Political gains. That is one of the oldest games in the book. What has that done for Lincolnton Citizens for the pass 4 years ?

All lets see, I Alex Patton agree with Lincolnton Tax Department they did nothing wrong. We must say maybe they lowered you property tax ?

Vote No for Alex Patton on May,08th, 2012

Paid for by Christians who do the right things, Not try.


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