Sirius XM Radio - Sirus XM Radio Auto Renew

Posted on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 8:32pm CDT by b815880d

Product: Sirius XM Radio Subscription

Company: Sirius XM Radio

Location: US


Category: Other

The subscription is auto renew and they don't invoice you in time to cancel the subscription. When the bill arrieved it was doulble last year and was past the renewal date They sent an email the same daythe invoice arrieved in the mail, two hours after we canceled the subscription. When we called to cancel they were rude and unhelpful and we had to pay $5.71 for 7 days of xm radio. The full year was 176.00. They obviously don't think they have a service that you would renew without being scammed into doing so. We have canceled and will not be reactivating our service ever again. The customer service was not good when we first subscribed and this really ended it. They had our email address and should have notified us before the subscription was to end, so that we could decide if we felt the service was worth the cost!


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