Architrave Construction & Design, Inc - Unethical Business Practices

Posted on Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 8:37am CDT by f693393e

Company: Architrave Construction & Design, Inc

Location: 11003 Resource Pkwy. Suite 201
HOUSTON, TX, 77089, US


Category: Business, Finances

Company gave a price verbally to do some work, then more than doubled it after we disagreed with him. Make sure you get something in writing from them because if you happen to disagree with him he will raise the price on you. Not sure what kind of house this guy builds as we decided to go with someone else...didn't like Todd's attitude at all. I also heard from others he takes way too long to build a house.


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Business Reply  Lori W., 2012-09-09, 09:04AM CDT

Random people should not be posting false statements on here without proof! We deal with alot of clients that are satisfied, but there are some unreasonable and unrealistic people that are never satisfied. This site should screen complaints before letting some nut case just post whatever they want!!! We do not even have a client that we met with to have Todd give a quote at the 1st interview, and then to change it at the same time is hilarious! A verbal quote is given as an estimate for the project by him when meeting for the 1st time. The price is more solid when he gets bids from all of his sub-contractors. So, this person making this claim is a LIAR! If you want proof of how fast his Custom Homes are built then drive through LaPaloma and see the house he is now constructing. The other Builder in the same neighborhood one block over started only 1 week after we did and you can see they are way behind us! Each client's project is different depending on their input and if no changes are made by the owner while building. Supplies are also a factor if something is being placed on a backorder. So, please learn your facts before trying to slander our company! The City of Pearland would not keep hiring us for their projects if this was a true fact! Thanks!

Business Reply  ARCHITRAVE, 2012-09-09, 09:39AM CDT

Well, this is ARCHITRAVE Construction & Design, and my client informed me that this was posted. Prices are agreed to between us and the clients before the actual project commences. The only time the price goes up is if the client makes several changes to the original agreement. This is a very FALSE statement you have posted. We have been building in this area for over 25 years and a very reputable company. We have excellent references to furnish, and most are repeat clients. If you are upset with us then you need to contact us. The average custom home time frame usually takes 7 to 10 months on average to build, but that also depends on the owners selections and time they invest in their project. Thank you for your input!

President, 2012-09-09, 09:51AM CDT

I just read this and laughed! Someone that is obviously not a real client posted this! We have had 2 custom homes built with Todd Whistler of ARCHITRAVE Construction & Design, Inc. Even went as far to refer him to 2 other people that are now using him. He is very personable and likeable. You must not know him or ever met him! Our home is well over 9,000 sq ft and it took 1 year to build. That is reasonable! We helped the process along by being involved and having our selections ready when he needed them. I know some people drag their feet and cause the building process to last longer! My friend -for example that used another local Builder, and it took 18 months to complete. That's their own fault! So, get your facts straight before bashing a very reputable and honest man! Prices are not set in stone until a contract is signed BTW!

b20f8fbe, 2012-09-10, 02:06PM CDT

I don't think the person that made the comment about Todd's attitude, price and building time is talking about Todd Whistler. The Todd I know built a house in my subdivision, and now he is buiding the second one and will be building a third one real soon. If Todd Whistler/Architrave had a bad attitude, took too long to build and doubled the price if you desagreed with him I don't think he will still be in business. The truth is that if you don't sign your name on your comment I think it's a false complaint.

Julia David

Barron L., 2012-09-10, 05:55PM CDT

I am on the wagon for ARCHITRAVE as well! It seems to me that maybe Todd did not like this person from the get go and decided to get rid of them by doubling his price! LOL! Maybe this is a new technique I will use at my company to get rid of the Psycho customers so my life and business will run alot more smoothly! KUDOS to you my man!!

Barron L., 2012-09-10, 05:59PM CDT

And if you don't know what type of house he builds then why would you have wasted your time and his for the consultation? Does not seem legit! I think everyone would agree that they would have atleast looked online or driven by some of his work to take a look to be interested in using him! LOL!!!

9bd2eb55, 2012-09-12, 04:56PM CDT

I sincerely disagree with the complaint stated with Architrave Construction & Design Inc. We were looking for a reputable company to build us our dream house. We met with Mr. Todd Whistler and were very impressed with his references. We told him exactly what we wanted and he went far and beyond of our expectations. He not only made our dream house but a very functional family oriented dream HOME! I have five kids, 2 dogs and a cat and the home flows smoothly. All contractors were very professional and respectable. We love our home. Mr. Whistler was very patient and if I had any changes or upgrades, he always quoted me a price first and then sign a contract before they did any work. We have added a gameroom that I also received different quotes for by other companies but Architrave Construction & Design Inc. was the company with the best price and outlook. Like I said, we were wanting a dream house, but received more from this builder. We received a house we can sincerely call HOME! Thank you Architrave Construction & Design, Inc. for your trust, patience and respect for us the clients. If you are looking for quality, respect, patience, high performance, personable, then Architrave Construction & Design, Inc. is the company for you.

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