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Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 at 3:10pm CDT by 7ff9128d

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Lance Z.

Boca Raton, FL

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We'll call you back...

ANY problem in the world can be put off indefinitely with simply stating ..."I'll look into and call you back"

Awful customer service. I mean truly awful. They pick up the phone sure but they avoid your questions if have an issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor since it took from a purchase I made for my company on Cyber Monday to get resolved. It is now June 1 2012 tomorrow. They promise a rebate but only if you follow it to there policy. It must be within 30 days received but the product sending chips off some days of that. It states wait up to 3 months to get your rebate which I feel is way over the limit. May as well say a year because you will forget. I did not but every time I call they say we will get back to you...enter 6 months fast forward.

If you call me with an issue it gets handled at my business or within a reasonable time frame- they think that its suitable to be 6 months later and state we will call you back when we have more info. Just as well to avoid a problem and have you fight tooth and nail for your measly rebate. Its not the $50 its the deceiving practices to get your business. T

he avoidance of the problem,

the high blood pressure you get dealing with them when they place you on hold for 15-20,

the loss of time I take out of my day to call 6 times and months to STILL not get resolution for an unsatisfied customer.

If I get anywhere at all it will be because I am posting it all over the net of anyone that will listen, save yourself the trouble of Tiger Direct and may want to avoid rebates all together. It is beyond that since I could really care less about $50 but it is principle since the times I called added up is worth more than that. That is a shame since I am being made to be a crybaby or an overly demanding individual who is disgruntled would not be satisfied no matter what was done. I deserve to get what I pay for and the service to come with it.

Chat convo in addition:

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

You have been connected to Ai Takamatsu.

Ai Takamatsu: Thank you for contacting us today, How may I assist you?

Ai Takamatsu: May I know what this is in regards to please?

Lance: Customer service regarding my purchase. Are you in customer service or sales?

Ai Takamatsu: I'm in customer service sir.

Lance: I am on with one of your reps now and I have been on hold for 15 min.

Ai Takamatsu: Can you remember who you are currently speaking with?

Lance: Also he is pretty rude. I asked to speak to a supervisor, is there one available who can help me? No I do not know who I am speaking with

Lance: I am pretty annoyed having to be put on hold without any form of courtesy

Ai Takamatsu: I'm sorry to hear that sir, but let me do my best to help you out on this one.

Ai Takamatsu: I would need your order number for reference please?

Lance: I do not have an order number. This was pulled up by phone number

Lance: 561 572 ****

Ai Takamatsu: Okay. One moment please.

Ai Takamatsu: Is this for a laptop purchased last year?

Lance: I would appreciate you or a supervisor directly calling me back. Tiger Direct has been downright terrible with customer service.

Lance: Yes

Lance: this is the laptop purchase.

Lance: I have called 6 times and had NO ASSISTANCE, but perfect on avoiding calls

Ai Takamatsu: Noted. I would also like to know since I will be sending this to my managers to make a callback.

Lance: It has been a few more minutes now and I am still on hold.

Lance: Does Tiger Direct keep a call log??

Ai Takamatsu: I would need a brief reference on what had happened on this order.

Ai Takamatsu: Yes we do keep a call log.

Lance: I just now had a Frank 2949 pick up the phone. I would appreciate you holding on before moving to the next customer till this is resolved

Lance: Please hold

Ai Takamatsu: Sure.

Lance: Thank you

Ai Takamatsu: Let me know if the concern has been resolved sir. I will be waiting.

Ai Takamatsu has left the session.

Your agent is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by while we re-establish contact or find a new agent...

All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.

Please wait while we find an agent from the Tiger Help Page department to assist you.

You have been connected to Otto M.

Otto M: Hello, and thanks for contacting us today, please hold on while I get that information for you.

Otto M: How may I assist you please?


How do I rate less than a star?,

Lance Zeidman


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