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Posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 5:23pm CDT by 77676809

Product: Wiring Harness

Company: All the Time Auto Parts

Location: Margaret St, Suite 302-356


Category: Stores, Shopping

We purchased a wiring harness from All the Time Auto Parts based out of Jacksonville, FL for our truck. At the time of the order my mechanic and I were very specific that we needed the injector harness intact with no damage. We placed the order with this company after being told that they had several vehicles to harvest this part from. We placed the order on 01 March 2012 and were told at the time from Bob Trado, the sales representative, that now that it is paid for we can now begin the search; clearly not what we assumed the meaning of several vehicles to mean. It took approximately three weeks for them to locate the part, pull the part, ship and receive. During this period of time the mechanic located a replacement part and tried to cancel the order and was told that the part had already shipped (10 March 2012). The part was received by the mechanic on 19 March 2012 for install. On 14 April 2012 the mechanic removed it from the packaging to find no invoice or receipt for the part and that the part was in worse condition than the existing part in the vehicle. All connectors were either gone or broken and 5 of the 12 wires had damaged insulation, clearly this part was unserviceable. We paid $450.00 for this part. Pricing at the dealership it was $800.00 and the replacement that the mechanic harvested from another wrecking yard cost $30.00. We contacted the company listed on the packaging, CJ Auto, to find out that it was a subcontractor for the parent company. We discussed our issue with Scott at CJ Auto on 27 April 2012 and he asked us to ship the part back and he would take care of it. We shipped the part immediately that day. Subsequently we received a call from All the Time Auto Parts, Bob Trado, and he left an extremely aggressive and rude message on our voice mail about this being an as-is part, which was never advertised to us at the time of purchase. He claimed that the as-is status was printed on the receipt and clearly identified. We never received a receipt or invoice for this part. Furthermore, how would he know what is on the receipt since it was sent to us from North Carolina and he is located in Florida. Having no success even having a rational conversation with Bob, we asked to speak with his supervisor, Bill Fortune, the owner, I was told. He proceeded to react identically the same way as Bob did to our request for refund.

I am active duty military and my family and I have sacrificed plenty for this nation and people like Bob and Bill. For them to treat us with this type of distain and steal our money is sickening. I regret that there are companies out there that operate in this manner. Please if you are active duty or female as I am, use a different company than this one. I guarantee that you will regret your contact with this company, we do.


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