Universal Studios Orlando is a RipOff- Beware

Posted on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 at 6:12pm CDT by d118ac92

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I purchased a vacation package and went to the theme parks in early March of 2012. I also purchased five tickets for breakfast at The Three Broomsticks Restaurant. On the scheduled day of the breakfast, there was literally a torrential downpour going on. It made no sense to go into the theme parks just for the breakfast and waste an entire theme park pass, when it was scheduled to rain the whole day. I called the vacation packages line early and informed them that we would not be attending due to the weather, and also asked if I could reschedule for the next morning. They informed me that there was no availability for the next two days. I then asked if we could use the voucher towards dinner at that same restaurant and was told that they could neither do that nor could they give me vouchers to eat at any other restaurant or spend in the theme park. I was told to go to the guest services window in the park, turn in the vouchers and wait six entire weeks for a refund.

I did this and on 4/23/2012 I called back to inquire about my refund which I still had not received. Of course, I was told to hold forever while they researched this. The agent, Celeste, that I spoke with then came back on the line and stated "sorry", for some reason they had not even started processing the refund. But, she did see that the vouchers for five breakfasts was turned in to guest services. She then stated that she was submitting it for processing and it should take a few more weeks. She also offered me five All Day Dining Meals for the inconvenience.

I called on 5/28 to see about the refund that I still have yet to receive and also about redeeming the All Day Dining meals. I was then told that there was no record of my visit, at which time I supplied them with my original reservation number and offered to email the original reservation. I also gave a comment number that I was told by Celeste to use on future inquiries.

At that point, I was basically told that they had no idea what happened to my refund and to contact the revenue dept.. As for those promised meal deals, well they must have just been a figment of my imagination. They also had no record of that. I asked to speak directly with Celeste and was first told she was on another call and then that she was off altogether. I asked for a manager and spoke with someone named Jimmy, who claimed to be a manager but was by far the rudest person I have ever spoken with in a customer service dept.. He basically yelled at me and implied that I was a liar because Celeste would never promise those things. When I asked who I might speak with to file a formal complaint he told me that he was it, there was no one above him and that even if I submitted a complaint online it would be forwarded to him. Which is why I am now taking every available forum to vent my frustration, including the consumer affairs website.

This vacation package was a nightmare from the beginning. What should have been a relaxing vacation for my son who just returned from bootcamp, turned out to be miserable. From the bed at the Portofino Bay hotel that was made up beautifully, but when my daughter got in it the first night of our arrival turned out to be very wet with some unknown fluid, to the horrible treatment I encountered for over a simple refund. I spent over 3,000 dollars with Universal and I can"t believe that a company would allow its employees to treat a customer so badly over a situation like this. At this point, it is no longer about the money, but about principle. I feel like I was beeing riped off from the start which is why the refund could not be processed while I was actually at the resort. It now seems like a concerted effort in hopes that customers will just go home and forget about the fact that they just lost some money through no fault of their own. Therefore, I am now telling all of my friends, family coworkers and the facebook community about my awful experience and that they should steer clear of a Universal Vacation Package unless thay want to be ripped off.


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