Red Carpet Inn, Willkesboro, NC - Red Carpet Inn, Wilkesboro, NC

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 8:34pm CDT by d7f313c0

Product: motel

Company: Red Carpet Inn, Willkesboro, NC

Location: 1206 River Street
Wilkesboro, NC, 28697, US

Category: Other

We had reservations to stay at the Red Carpet Inn Wilkesboro, NC for the 25 - 27 and we checked in at 230 am on the 25, I explained to the desk clerk that we were early and he said "thats fine, not a problem at all" and I proceeded to pay cash for the room. When the reservations were made for a room for myself and my daughter I informed them that we would have a dog in each room, she said she would note the reservation that I had been informed of the pet fee. The motel is in poor shape, the side walk is broken up in areas, the bath tubs in two rooms had the stopper mechanisms out and on the side of the tub. There was a roach crawling on the phone. The motel is very inexpensive and I attributed it to we get what we pay for. When we checked in the man charged us for two nights and I didnt question that. We left on Sunday as planned. On Monday I checked my account and had been charged for one night at the motel, when I called she explained to me that when we checked in early we were charged on the credit card for an additional night, my complaint to her was that when I checked in, I paid cash and was never informed of the additional nights fee or we could have slept in the parking lot for the remaining hours until we could have checked in according to their time. Its not that I mind paying for the additional night, we were there, as I told the hotel clerk, I should have been informed, I had the money in my pocket to pay for the room and didnt want it on my debit card, noone came back to my room to inquire about this, she says they had us out on the 26, which was never ever mentioned so with that being said, why were we charged an additional night if she didnt know it was us there.... any way I digress; she said she would call the manager and see if it could be removed from my debit card, when she called back she said that her staff had waived my pet fee because I never informed them that I had a pet with us, the check in clerk said we checked in at 12:00 and that one of the clerks said she came back and spoke to us on Saturday morning about the night and the fee, all of these things are false statements. Bad experience all the way around, worth the extra 20. to stay across the road at hampton.


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