AT&T - AT&T IPad data plan billing

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 7:11pm CDT by Anonymous

Product: Data plan billing for iPad

Company: AT&T

Location: Sacramento, CA, 95828, US

Category: Other

I have an iPad and occasionally activate the cellular data plan for travel. So for the past two months I've been on the $30 a month plan, and it expires 6/2. Today I went into the settings and chose to continue after 6/2 but at the $14.99 plan. However, they are charging my credit card mmediately! If I had just let the $30 plan renew on its own,mi would not have been billed until 6/2. What a racket.

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el h., 2013-07-02, 10:41PM CDT

I have called AT&T three (3) times with the complaint that I had turned off the auto billing and after each time they tell me the block is in place in which I can manually add a plan myself. But on three occasions I find that the auto billing took place and my account was debited even when I had still had lots of service plan left to use but they stole that from me. This action was Why won't they stop this racket. If my bank account becomes overdrawn from their (AT&T) actions all I will get from them is "I sorry that occur". What JERKS they are and they are making a ton of money off each unsuspecting customer. I've written the FCC with this complaint and so should all of you!

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