Apple Inc. - Display Glitches (Display die no apparent reason)

Posted on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 at 1:56am CDT by 822ca9d2

Product: iPad 3gen

Company: Apple Inc.

Location: US


Category: Other

It seems that the new iPad is having more problems than everyone knows.

iPad acquired a month ago (April 24th) and had noticed the know warm issue in the lower left corner... besides that everything was working fine.

Before yesterday used the device by 30min at night before bed as usual and then connected to charger.

I do not start the device until 14h the following day.

When i press the home button the screen showed a completely gray background, so I restart the device (Home & Lock buttons at same time by 10seg) and instead of showing the apple logo, it showed what you can see in the video, no image anymore

iTunes recognizes it without any problems and I can synchronize

But I will demand for a new one to the seller, because it is obviously a manufacturing problem.


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