The Ventana - The Ventana Apartments in Denver, or The Ghetto Apartments

Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 7:06pm CDT by 8175b413

Product: Apartment Building

Company: The Ventana

Location: Denver, Co, 80222, US


Category: Other

These are the most vindictive, childish managers and maintenance people I have ever met. The air conditioner doesn't work in our apartment. Rather than fix it, they threatened to put us out. There is a leak in the courtyard sprinkler system. The laundry rooms are in disrepair and filthy. The grass in the courtyard is not maintained properly and there is mostly dirt. The maintenance people come into your apartment and treat your children like dirt. Go ahead, The Ventana Apartments, push me some more. I can't wait until this goes to court. Don't threaten me again.


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