Steak N Shake - Steak N Shake Loses Another Customer Actually 2

Posted on Thursday, May 24th, 2012 at 2:04pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Restaurant Service

Company: Steak N Shake

Location: OBT
Apopka, Fl, US

Category: Other

After working a long hard week and a even longer harder day I picked up my wife and we went to Steak N Shake for a much deserved meal that we didn't have to cook, it was nearly 1am and we were starved..first we stepped inside there was maybe 4 tables filled and that was it, we stood waiting to be seated for nealy 20 mins. employees walked past us but made no move to assist us, we were never greeted, finally a woman walked up grabbed two menus and snapped follow me..she led us to a booth threw down our menus and walked away..we looked at the menus, but already knew what we wanted, then we watched as the four tables cleared out and four more groups came inside, we still had not ordered, they were quickly seated and their orders taken, we still had not ordered..the waitress walked up to our table..asked if we knew what we wanted I said after 30 minutes yea, I ordered a coke my baby ordered sprite, I asked for a bacon burger with extra bacon and mushrooms with mayo mustard, onion and pickle and a cup of chili, my baby asked for a bacon burger also with extra bacon, mustard onion and pickle and a order of fries..well, the other tables received their orders, we still had not of course even though we were in there a full 45 minutes before they were...we waited another 30 minutes, my wife complained and we finally got our order....of course it was extra bacon and my wife received guacomolie(sp) she hates that stuff she says it has no taste and looks like baby poop, the waitress asked her if that wasn't what she ordered, I informed her my wife doens't like it why would she order it, she returned our orders, in the meantime four more groups came in as the other four groups cleared out, they ordered before our food arrived, the waitress made no attempted to refill our drinks until after we had our new orders with still no extra bacon, by then we were both hot and starved..she refilled our drinks AFTER we finished our food..btw the bottom buns were soo soaked in grease it baby complained she felt like she had vaseline on her teeth, we were both up all night with stomach trouble..she finally came up and apologized for our wait..she didn't apologize for the cook smacking the grill repeatedly making an annoying/grating sound every two seconds, nor did she apologize for him refusing to fix our orders prior to fixing the others..we came in about two and left about 3:30 in the morning..she did give us our orders free, that earned her a $2 tip she would have gotten a $6 tip if things had gone as they should it turns out we wont be going back anytime soon!

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c458eec9, 2013-06-28, 07:11PM CDT

I had to laugh our order total $15.09 so I gave the cashier $20.09 she put it in the register wrong then looked funny and said "I owe you $14.93"..I said no I owed $15.09 I gave you $20.09 you owe me $5, she then took out a calculator and subracted $15.09 from $20.09..OMG ROTFLMAO..I left shaking my head..wonder how many people walked out of there after the tip paid for their meal??

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