Prince William Home Improvement - Don't hire Prince William Home Improvement for anything

Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 7:40am CDT by 072b3dc8

Product: Deck

Company: Prince William Home Improvement

Location: 14910 Persistence Dr.
Woodbridge, VA, 22191, US

Category: Other

Wife and I agreed to have this company out for a deck estimate. We'd gotten 2 other estimates from reputable companies we checked online prior to having them. Their pricing was outrageously high compared to the other quotes we'd gotten. But the sales rep, Nick, was extremely pushy, tried every "sales tactic" in the book, and made it very uncomfortable to get him out of our house. A friend of mine emailed me the following link,, stating that he knows this is a recent sales ad for their company on Craig's List -- they run them every day for "One call closers". I don't know how they expect to "one call close" someone on a decision to spend over $30K for a large composite deck, but that's their m.o. Stay away from this company. They then had the nerve to call us at least 6 times in the last week or so trying to get someone back into our home to offer us a "deal" on the original price. Why wouldn't you just offer the "deal" up front? Why after we didn't buy in the first place? I've read other reviews online about this company stating the same. Looks like some of the work they do is reasonable -- some is really bad, but the mentality of a company like this is a major turn off.

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Rick P., 2016-02-03, 05:47PM CST

This complaint is more likely than not-a bogus one. I know the owner of this company and he treats his customers like family members, I would bet this is a complaint of an employee that found it difficult to make a living on straight commission and who refused the tremendous training that he was offered.

Rick Perry

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