Bartholomew Jackson funeral home - Bartholomew Jackson Hartford connecticut scam

Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 3:43am CDT by ecd6f4f2

Company: Bartholomew Jackson funeral home

Location: Hartford, Co, 06155, US

Category: Other

Bartholomew Jackson funeral home in Hartford Connecticut hired us to hide the following complaints in an effort to fix his bad reputation. Then he scammed Us too!

Bartholomew Jackson Funeral Home in Hartford CT cheats people by charging them for things that were optional and not consulted about. They rip-off people using tricks like a $200 guest book, taking advantage of the bereaved in a time of grief and turmoil. Only interested in money, they aggressively seek to agitate and instigate customers when questioned. Their assigned observers at funerals are more like bouncers and stand there uncaring while the make-up job looks so terrible that people may think it was done by a two year old child. If you want to be treated nastily and get ripped-off by Bartholomew Jackson Funeral Home, Hartford Connecticut during your time of grief, call them. I am utterly disgusted by their behavior.


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