YPayMore Signs - Y Pay More Signs Ripped Me Off

Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 3:52pm CDT by 578e4abb

Product: Printing

Company: YPayMore Signs

Location: P.O. Box 2382

URL: http://www.ypaymoresigns.com/

Category: Products, Services

YPayMore Signs ripped me off. I have talked to several of my clients and heard that they too have been scammed by them.

They did some work for me (business cards) and everything turned out fine.

They talked me into letting them print my company invoices as well and I paid them up front and waited 3 weeks because I trusted them. Now it has been over a month and they do not answer the phone or respond to emails.

If you have heard of these guys be aware that they will rip you off too.

I am not the only one they robbed. I have now talked to several other people that have also been ripped off. They order products from other print shops and never pay for them. They are taking money from clients and never delivering the products or returning phone calls or emails.

They do not list a physical address, only a PO box on one of their websites, if that is even real.

Once again if you encounter YPayMore Signs do not do business with them. You have been warned.


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578e4abb, 2012-05-22, 05:34PM CDT


Just called Beth Roberts at Ypaymore Signs from another phone and she answered. I asked if she had received my emails and calls and as soon as she realized it was me she hung up and would not answer again.

I do not see how anyone could run around ripping people off like that.

Again! Buyer be aware that YPayMore Signs will rip you off!

By the way... As soon as YPayMore Signs makes this right and refunds my money or gives me the invoices they were supposed to print I will delete this complaint. However, I do not recommend them at all.

578e4abb, 2012-05-23, 03:23PM CDT


After getting the police involved they contacted Beth and she finally called me.

She apologized for her actions and sounded very embarrassed over a financial situation caused by a large client not paying on time which being a business owner my self I know that happens. One client not paying can bankrupt a small company fast.

We have an agreement for her to produce the ordered products and hopefully all goes well. If so I will try to remove or update this as satisfied.

578e4abb, 2012-06-18, 10:07AM CDT

Y Pay More Signs made it right. They took care of my invoices and then some. They made a mistake and went above and beyond to rectify the problem. I am satisfied.

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