General Dentists in Tijuana not Qualified for Advanced Dentistry - How to Avoid Low Quality Dentistry in Tijuana

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Company: General Dentists in Tijuana not Qualified for Advanced Dentistry

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How to Avoid Shoddy Tijuana dental work! By the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

A Mexico Dental Tourism Public Service Announcement.

If you are planning to visit a Tijuana dentist for major dentistry such as dental implants, root canals, crowns or cosmetic dental makeovers, be sure to use a board certified Mexican dentist.

Having your dental work performed by an under-qualified general dentist in Mexico can result in unsatisfactory work that could cost you thousands of dollars to redo.

It is illegal for general dentists in the USA to perform advanced dentistry, but in our country, general dentists may attempt to learn advanced dentistry at patient expense. Read that last line again.

A certified Mexican dentist costs the same as a general Tijuana dentist but has years of additional training and is licensed to perform the types of advanced dental procedures you are looking for.

Over 80% of all Tijuana dentists are only general dentists trained in basic dentistry.

A board certified Tijuana dentist is who you want for your important treatments and the cost of a certified dentist in Mexico is the same as for a general dentist who is only formally trained in the basics of cleaning, drilling, filling and normal non-surgical extractions.

You will be safe and confident knowing that you are getting the best dentistry when you use a certified Tijuana dentist.

Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association has certified specialist dentists in popular Mexico dental tourism towns of Cabo, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and a Tijuana dental specialist for cosmetic dentistry.

If you are having a major treatment such as a cosmetic dental makeover, and wish to avoid the long border crossing to see our member Tijuana dentist, consider flying to our Cabo dentist.

This season our Cabo dentist pays airfare for larger treatment patients.

Our Cabo and Tijuana dentists speak English and welcome American and Canadian dental tourists.

Visit our certified Mexico Dentists website at:


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