Thornton Publishing, Profitable Publishing, Books to Believe In - Complaint re: Thornton Publishing, Profitable Publishing, Books to Believe in

Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 9:55pm CDT by df45365f

Product: Subsidy Publisher

Company: Thornton Publishing, Profitable Publishing, Books to Believe In

Location: 17011 S. Lincoln #308
Parker, Co, US

Category: Other

Thornton Publishing of Parker, Colorado and Englewood, Colorado, which is also Books to Believe In, Profitable Publishing and perhaps other entities, and which is headed by Ellen Jean (aka EJ) Blake-Brock-Thornton-Craig although she never uses all of her names at once. It seems as the most common names she calls herself are Ellen Craig, Ellen Blake-Thornton or EJ Thornton. She is also my youngest sister. After dealings with those entities I feel the need to warn the consumer away from them.

Thornton Publishing, Books to Believe In, etc., are really nothing more than the lowest possible quality Vanity Press, which charged, in my case at least, unconscionable and false charges for web hosting, that in fact was not paid for by the publisher but rather by the author, costing thousands of dollars in addition to the monies originally spent on printing. I never received a dime in the admittedly meager royalties the publisher received from the few customers who came across it buried in a poor quality link.

When, after my book (which is called "A Dolphin's Tale," and is now at this link languished for years, along with every other book I am aware of at these publishers, I lost patience and l asked to terminate my relationship with the publishers, requesting a refund of $1500 that I had previous paid and which had not been spent by the publisher according to the publishers own books. EJ dimply juggled the books to reflect an outrageous monthly charge for web hosting that she had not even paid for and claimed at that time that I owed HER money.

Worse than the poor and overpriced print quality, the taking of an author's dream and wrecking it was the dishonest way that Thornton takes advantage of authors foolish enough to sign on with them.


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