Ocean Dental Cancun - Worst Dental Clinic is Ocean Dental Cancun

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 6:34am CDT by 3f521959

Product: Bad dental care !

Company: Ocean Dental Cancun

Location: Mexico
Mexico, 3352, MX

URL: http://www.dentalworkmexico.com

Category: Other

I have a big problem with the staff at Ocean Dental Mexico they are very rude and they make you waist your time atleast 35-40 minutes from your scheduled appointment time. The Orthodentist told me in the initial evaluation that he could close the spaces in between my teeth, well I took his advise and signed a contract with Ocean Dental for $129.00 a month. He never closed the spaces and everytime I came in for my appointments he never changed my wires or even instructed me that I had two cavities that went untreated for several months. The end result lead to him refering me to another dentist in the office for porclein venures, dental bonding which means I would have to come out of pocket 4,000 more dollars that i did not have. I have never been treated so inhuman in my life. I ended up taking the braces off myself. Sears Dental is a BIG waste of time and you will pay alot of money and recieve NO results. Please dont wate time or money with them. The staff treats you horrible, they dont

know that patients, you will wait an extended amount of time, and the final result is your teeth look worst after you leave. They created more spaces so they could refer my to someone else in the office, so everyone in the office can make a profit from you. Thats really wrong. Now Im going in to get braces from a real professional. What a waste!


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