IRA Zuckerman, PA Fl Bar #402702 - Tax Attorney Malpractice in Hollywood, Florida

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 10:30am CDT by Pab M.

Product: IRS representation

Company: IRA Zuckerman, PA Fl Bar #402702

Location: 601 So. Ocean Dr.
hollywood, fl, 33019, US


Category: Other

Since terminating Attorney we have been told this malpractice is common place in America, to take money and claim but not do anything. We also were told mostlikely the taxes will never be replaced, but we were sure when he kept telling us "everything is under control" he was working for us. Another cut-throat Attorney told us, "he mostlikely made a deal to scave his other tax files and label them "non-collectable" but since our money is in public places and we are honest, decent people he knew it was "hard money" and settled with the Tax Collector and maybe got a commission?!

Hired in June2011 terminated January 2012, when he did not know our house was seized and both our retirements were emptied by the IRS Collector. Not only did the IRS abuse us with a concocked audits, they took well over the amount due, entering false amounts into the Credit Report totalling $440,000 owed to the IRS, did not payoff first mortgage, has utility company calling us for bills when they had possession of home, this when I am unemployed. This Attorney had us remove our personal belongings from home and now have a storage fee of $100/month, we were told we have to pay for taxes on retirement funds removed which we did not receive, my wife is still paying on garnishments and the IRS is still showing a balance of $45,000 due? This are crooked, draconian people that need to be stopped. Now We are asking the Florida Bar to take his License and re-establish lost funds. See more at; . Also under facebook, if you would like to represent us please email me today.


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