Ford Motor Co - Ford upgrade stole temperature feature

Posted on Sunday, May 20th, 2012 at 6:19pm CDT by 05639c48

Product: Ford Explorer

Company: Ford Motor Co

Location: Customer Relations Center P.O. Box 6248 Dearborn, MI 48126
Dearborn, Mi, US

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We purchased a 2011 Ford Explorer in

May, 2011 from Ford. One of the features we really liked was that it had an outdoor temperature gauge right in front of the driver as well as in the sync screen in the middle of the dashboard. They recently said they had an upgrade. When we let them install the upgrade they took out the temperature gauge on the dashboard replacing it with a compass. WHO wants a compass on the screen when in BIG letters it is in front of the driver and can be seen all over already. When we questioned them about this they said they took the temperature gauge out as a safety feature so the driver would not have to look at the sync screen to see the temperture. How stupid can you get and that was a fast (as well as moronic) thought up lie! The temperature gauge is right in front of the driver and what do you think the driver looks at when he is backing up or reading the map??? The temperature gauge may be a small thing to some but that is one reason we bought the car and it is important to us. We LIVE in our car. The new car already has 25,000 miles on it and we have bought a new car from FORD every two to four years. Ford customer service refuses to correct this. I know it would not cost that much to correct this. And if it does it is far less than we have ever paid for ONE of their cars. They did not tell us they would take away this feature when we allowed the upgrade to be installed. How stupid that compass looks and it is small in a big area and there is plenty of room for the temperature gauge beside it, OR they can take the stupid compass gauge and replace our temperature gauge! They refuse to do anything and we have spoken to their customer service at least twice and e-mailed them. We are just one customer and they just don't care. We are really angry and will NEVER buy one of their cars again though I guess they don't care about that at all. The temperature gauge in front of the driver is small and if it was green lit up or anything at least that would help but they won't even do that...saying their engineers can't do that and they can pass on our complaint but won't do anything about it


0416eeba, 2012-07-05, 06:01AM CDT

I totally agree, I just went through the exact same thing with my 2011 Ford Explorer. I have look everywhere trying to find out how to display the temperture. the compass in not at important as the Tempture, also the date in not as important as the temp. who would every drive around with the date instead of the time, why dont they intermit.

05639c48, 2002-03-18, 08:45AM CST

Yes, this was very irritating. I hope they get so many complaints they have to replace this feature. It would not be hard. All they have to do is put it beside the compass as there is plenty of room there to do so. They did NOT tell us we would lose that when the new upgrade was put in. OR they can remove the compass and put it in that spot. We have bought Fords every two to four years for many are NOT cheap and we should get some customer respect. One idiot who called us about this laughed all over the place and then WANTED us to do him a favor and do a survey on how he acted....of course nothing has been done. Another thing that happened was the WHOLE screen would go blank and not work sometimes and the mirror on the passenger side where it is supposed to light up if a car is close lights up for about everything on the side of the road, fences, weeds, nothing. It has been in twice to fix this and that was a waste of time because it was never fixed. Apparently, they don't care if they lose customers...after all, already they have sold you the vehicle. A Ford Explorer with all the supposed bells and whistles is not cheap and customer satisfaction should be their top priority. PLEASE be sure and write FORD or e-mail them, the e-mail site can be found on line, just type in Ford Complaints and the e-mail address will come up. Write them and tell them how inconvenient this problem has been to you. The more people who write or call in complaints the more chance they will decide to fix this feature in order not to lose customers. Thank you for commenting on my complaint too.

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