Aabree Coffee Company - Customer Service

Posted on Sunday, May 20th, 2012 at 4:22pm CDT by 4bded78d

Product: Phone contact

Company: Aabree Coffee Company

Location: unknown
Ne, US

URL: http://aabreecoffeecompany.com/

Category: Other

Both a year ago, when I purchased an espresso machine from this company, and

again this week, when I had a warranty issue, I have had considerable difficulties reaching the company by phone. This company has one phone number, and beginning with the poor quality of the connection, to an annoying voicemail queue, which is extremely long, to actually getting someone to help you over the phone, I was ready to pull my hair out. The representatives are great, but getting to them is almost not worth dealing with this company. The products and prices are competitive, but the service aspect is horrible.


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